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Zajda, Joseph - Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Education, ebook

Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Education

Zajda, Joseph


Women and Higher Education in Postrevolutionary Iran: Unsettling Policies and Unanticipated Outcomes
Goli M. Rezai-Rashti, Susan James
5. When Indigenous and Modern Education Collide
Alberto Arenas, Iliana Reyes, Leisy Wyman
6. Power, Language, and

Peterson, Helen - Gender in Transnational Knowledge Work, ebook

Gender in Transnational Knowledge Work

Peterson, Helen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Helen Peterson, Minna Salminen-Karlsson
2. A Gendered Analysis of IT-Enabled Service Work in the Global Economy
Debra Howcroft, Helen Richardson
3. Paradox of Empowerment and Marginalization
Roli Varma
4. A Perfect Match?
Helen Peterson, Minna Salminen-Karlsson,