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Lombardi, Rosa - Gender Issues in Business and Economics, ebook

Gender Issues in Business and Economics

Lombardi, Rosa


The Relationship Between Intellectual Capital Performance and Ownership Gender Diversity in Small-Sized Italian Companies
Maria Serena Chiucchi, Marco Giuliani, Simone Poli
6. Measuring and Evaluating the Interest on Management and Gender

Murayama, Mayumi - Gender and Development, ebook

Gender and Development

Murayama, Mayumi


Introduction: An Attempt to Integrate Gender and Development Issues of Japan and Developing Countries
Mayumi Murayama
Part I. Reviewing Japanese Experiences
2. Economic Development and Gender Disparities: The Japanese

Guérin, Isabelle - Under Development: Gender, ebook

Under Development: Gender

Guérin, Isabelle


Introduction: Gender, a Necessary Tool of Analysis for Social Change
Isabelle Guérin, Hélène Guétat-Bernard, Christine Verschuur
Part I. Disciplines
2. A History of Development Through a Gender Prism: Feminist and

Hawkesworth, Mary - Gender and Power, ebook

Gender and Power

Hawkesworth, Mary


Probing the Parameters of Gender, Power, and Democracy in Nigeria
L. Amede Obiora
6. Building Women’s and Men’s Political Representation in Post-Communist European Countries
Renata Siemieńska
7. Women’s Participation in Global Executive Positions

Mahy, Benoît - Gender Pay Differentials, ebook

Gender Pay Differentials

Mahy, Benoît


Assessing Gender Discrimination amongst Young People on their Arrival into the Labour Market: Analysis of Young Populations of French and Foreign Origins
Olivier Joseph, Séverine Lemière
3. High-Performance Work Practices, Incentive Pay Schemes,Worker Evaluation

Arestis, Philip - New Economics as Mainstream Economics, ebook

New Economics as Mainstream Economics

Arestis, Philip


Towards a ‘New Economics’: Values, Resources, Money, Markets, Growth and Policy
Terry Barker
3. On the Possible Replacement of the Efficient-Market Hypothesis: Social Efficiency as a ‘Thick’ Approach to Financial Policy
Gary A. Dymski
4. From

Foster, Gigi - The Economics of Multitasking, ebook

The Economics of Multitasking

Foster, Gigi


Introduction: The Economics of Multitasking
Charlene M. Kalenkoski, Gigi Foster
2. Economic Theories about the Allocation of Time: Review and an Extension for Multitasking
Raúl G. Sanchis
3. Are Women Better than Men at Multitasking Household Production

Assassi, Libby - The Gendering of Global Finance, ebook

The Gendering of Global Finance

Assassi, Libby


Property and Gender: Irrational Women and Rational Men
Libby Assassi
4. Emergence of Gendered Credit and Financial Institutions
Libby Assassi
5. From Formal Financial Institutions and Orderly Men to Informal Markets

Gardiner, Rita A. - Gender, Authenticity and Leadership, ebook

Gender, Authenticity and Leadership

Gardiner, Rita A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rita A. Gardiner
2. Authentic Leadership
Rita A. Gardiner
3. Gendered Expectations
Rita A. Gardiner
4. Enlightened Virtue
Rita A. Gardiner
5. Authenticity, Ethics and Leadership
Rita A. Gardiner
6. Troubling Method
Rita A. Gardiner
7. Telling