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Fisher, Sue - Organic Gardening for Dummies, UK Edition, ebook

Organic Gardening for Dummies, UK Edition

Fisher, Sue


Reduce a garden's impact on both the environment and the wallet
Organic Gardening For Dummies shows readers the way to ensure a healthy harvest from an environmentally friendly garden. It covers information on the newest and safest natural fertilizers and pest control methods, composting,

Nardozzi, Charlie - Urban Gardening For Dummies, ebook

Urban Gardening For Dummies

Nardozzi, Charlie


Urban Gardening For Dummies helps you make the most of limited space through the use of proven small-space gardening techniques that allow gardeners to maximize yield while minimizing space. Covers square-foot gardening

Stackhouse, Jennifer - Gardening For Dummies, ebook

Gardening For Dummies

Stackhouse, Jennifer


Brimming with advice, resources and suggested planting choices, this friendly guide shows you step by step how to create the garden of your dreams. From basic cultivation to garden design, this book is just what you need to start playing in the dirt ?…

Ellis, Donna - Sustainable Gardening For Dummies, ebook

Sustainable Gardening For Dummies

Ellis, Donna


  Plant nutrients - what are they and how can you supply them
to your plants sustainably? Watering techniques - how much water does your garden really need, and how can you conserve and supply it?
Landscaping and gardening materials - where do they come

Riggs, Pammy - Storing and Preserving Garden Produce For Dummies, ebook

Storing and Preserving Garden Produce For Dummies

Riggs, Pammy


Growing your own food is more popular than ever. But what do you do if you find yourself with a glut of beans, peas or carrots? How can you make the most of your garden produce and cut down on those trips to the supermarket?
This book provides everything…

Smith, Ted - The Alphabetical General Knowledge Quiz Book 3, ebook

The Alphabetical General Knowledge Quiz Book 3

Smith, Ted


Do you pride yourself on your general knowledge? Are you the kind of person who enjoys learning new facts and trivia? Or, maybe you are a quizmaster in search of material? Whatever your reason for buying The Alphabetical Quiz Book 3 you certainly won’t be disappointed. Following on from

Snelgrove, Kevin - The Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz Book, ebook

The Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz Book

Snelgrove, Kevin


Would you like to improve your general knowledge? Do you need to gen up for a pub quiz night? Are you keen to challenge your family to find out who knows the most about different subjects? Whatever your interest in The Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz

DeJohn, Suzanne - Gärtnern auf Balkon und Terrasse für Dummies, ebook

Gärtnern auf Balkon und Terrasse für Dummies

DeJohn, Suzanne


Wer keinen Garten besitzt, muss nicht auf's Gärtnern verzichten. Auch auf Balkon oder Terrasse lässt sich in Töpfen und Kübeln ein kleiner, aber feiner Garten anlegen. Dieses Buch zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie die richtigen Pflanzen auswählen, sie hegen und…

Stevenson, Scott - The Ultimate Pub Quiz Book, ebook

The Ultimate Pub Quiz Book

Stevenson, Scott


Are you a member of a pub quiz team? Do you enjoy having a go at general knowledge quizzes? Are you knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects? Whatever your reason for choosing this book, you are certain to enjoy tackling the 500 questions inside. Which Author and politician with the