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Barron, E. N. - Game Theory: An Introduction, ebook

Game Theory: An Introduction

Barron, E. N.


An exciting new edition of the popular introduction to game theory and its applications
The thoroughly expanded Second Edition presents a unique, hands-on approach to game theory.

Blume, Lawrence E. - Game Theory, ebook

Game Theory

Blume, Lawrence E.


Epistemic Game Theory: An Overview
Steven N. Durlauf, Lawrence E. Blume
9. Epistemic Game Theory: Beliefs and Types
Steven N. Durlauf, Lawrence

Benz, Anton - Game Theory and Pragmatics, ebook

Game Theory and Pragmatics

Benz, Anton


An Introduction to Game Theory for Linguists
Anton Benz, Gerhard Jäger, Robert Rooij
2. Saying and Meaning, Cheap Talk and Credibility
Robert Stalnaker
3. Pragmatics and Games

Chew, Yong Huat - Potential Game Theory, ebook

Potential Game Theory

Chew, Yong Huat


Potential Game Approach to Downlink Multi-Cell OFDMA Networks
Quang Duy Lã, Yong Huat Chew, Boon-Hee Soong
5. Other Applications of Potential Games in Communications and Networking
Quang Duy Lã, Yong Huat Chew, Boon-Hee

Alós-Ferrer, Carlos - The Theory of Extensive Form Games, ebook

The Theory of Extensive Form Games

Alós-Ferrer, Carlos


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Klaus Ritzberger
2. Game Trees
Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Klaus Ritzberger
3. Pseudotrees and Order Theory
Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Klaus Ritzberger
4. Extensive Decision Problems
Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Klaus Ritzberger
5. Extensive Forms

Romp, Graham - Game Theory: Introduction and Applications, ebook

Game Theory: Introduction and Applications

Romp, Graham


Covering all the essential topics for undergraduate courses, this is the ideal student introduction to game theory. The book sets out the basics of the subject in a non-technical way. All discussion and explanation is clear, well structured, and entirely

Chatterjee, Kalyan - Game Theory and Business Applications, ebook

Game Theory and Business Applications

Chatterjee, Kalyan


Applications of Game Theory in Operation Management and Information Systems
Lode Li, Seungjin Whang
6. Incentive and Strategic Contracting: Implications for the Franchise Decision
Francine Lafontaine, Margaret E. Slade

Mueller, David - Game Theory in Management Accounting, ebook

Game Theory in Management Accounting

Mueller, David


Reflections on the Practical Applicability of Strategic Game Theory to Managerial Incentivation
Jennifer Kunz
3. Optimal Design of Incentive Contracts: Behavioural and Multi-Period Performance Measurement Aspects

Barron, E. N. - Game Theory: An Introduction, ebook

Game Theory: An Introduction

Barron, E. N.


A fundamental introduction to modern game theory from a mathematical viewpoint
Game theory arises in almost every fact of human and inhuman interaction since oftentimes during these communications objectives are opposed or cooperation is viewed as