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Barnes, John - Gems of Geometry, ebook

Gems of Geometry

Barnes, John


Table of contents
1. The Golden Number
John Barnes
2. Shapes and Solids
John Barnes
3. The Fourth Dimension
John Barnes
4. Projective Geometry
John Barnes
5. Topology
John Barnes
6. Bubbles
John Barnes

Gemming, Sibylle - Materials for Tomorrow, ebook

Materials for Tomorrow

Gemming, Sibylle


Enyashin, Sibylle Gemming, Gotthard Seifert
3. Spintronics: Transport Phenomena in Magnetic Nanostructures
Peter Zahn
4. Theoretical Investigation of Interfaces
Sibylle Gemming, Michael Schreiber
5. Electronic

Smillie, Ian - Diamonds, ebook


Smillie, Ian

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There is, he argues, greater diversification and competition than ever before, but thanks to the success of the Kimberley Process, this coveted and prestigious gem now represents a fragile but renewed opportunity for development in some of the world’s poorest nations.