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Adams, Rick A. - Bat Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation, ebook

Bat Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation

Adams, Rick A.


Cooperation and Conflict in the Social Lives of Bats
Gerald G. Carter, Gerald S. Wilkinson
13. Decision-Making and Socioemotional Vocal Behavior in Bats
Jagmeet S. Kanwal, Zhenzhen Zhang, Jiang Feng
14. New Advances in the Study of Group Behavior in

Ehrenfeld, Jesse M. - Anesthesia Student Survival Guide, ebook

Anesthesia Student Survival Guide

Ehrenfeld, Jesse M.


Walters, Matthew D. McEvoy
17. Intraoperative Problems
Andrea Westman, Matthew D. McEvoy
Part V. Systems Physiology and Anesthetic Subspecialties
18. Physiology and Anesthesia for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery
Amanda J. Rhee, Linda Shore-Lesserson

Gordh, Gordon - The Handbook of Plant Biosecurity, ebook

The Handbook of Plant Biosecurity

Gordh, Gordon


Walters, J. LaForest, K. Walker, M. Taylor, S. Winterton, G. Kong
13. Molecular Diagnostic Techniques and Biotechnology in Plant Biosecurity
Laurene Levy, Patrick Shiel, Geoffrey Dennis, C. André Lévesque, Gerard Clover, Harvinder Bennypaul, Norman Barr,

Zschocke, Johannes - JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/5, ebook

JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/5

Zschocke, Johannes


Lippert, G. Matthijs, L. J. Mienie, H. C. Schuman, B. C. Vorster, J. Jaeken
5. Unexplained Hypoglycemia During Continuous Nocturnal Gastric Drip-Feeding in a Patient with Glycogen Storage Disease Type Ia: Is It a Dumping-Like Syndrome?
A. Brambilla, A. Pozzoli,

Almeida, Pedro R. - Developments in Fish Telemetry, ebook

Developments in Fish Telemetry

Almeida, Pedro R.


Walters, Villy Christensen
8. Conventional and EMG telemetry studies of upstream migration and tailrace attraction of adult Atlantic salmon at a hydroelectric installation on the Exploits River, Newfoundland, Canada
D. A. Scruton, R. K. Booth, C. J. Pennell,

Arabnia, Hamid R. - Advances in Computational Biology, ebook

Advances in Computational Biology

Arabnia, Hamid R.


Ruskin, G. Kerr, M. Crane, J. Becker
17. A Robust Ensemble Classification Method Analysis
Zhongwei Zhang, Jiuyong Li, Hong Hu, Hong Zhou
18. k-NN for the Classification of Human Cancer Samples Using the Gene Expression Profiles