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Lupascu, Doru C. - Ferroic Functional Materials, ebook

Ferroic Functional Materials

Lupascu, Doru C.


Table of contents
1. Fundamentals of Magneto-Electro-Mechanical Couplings: Continuum Formulations and Invariant Requirements
Jörg Schröder
2. Ferroelectric and Ferromagnetic Phase Field Modeling
Dorinamaria Carka, Christopher S. Lynch

Tiwari, Ashutosh - Advanced Functional Materials, ebook

Advanced Functional Materials

Tiwari, Ashutosh


Because of their unique properties (size, shape, and surface functions), functional materials are gaining significant attention in the areas of energy conversion and storage, sensing, electronics, photonics, and biomedicine.  Within the chapters of

Kalinin, Sergei V. - Scanning Probe Microscopy of Functional Materials, ebook

Scanning Probe Microscopy of Functional Materials

Kalinin, Sergei V.


Advancing Characterization of Materials with Atomic Force Microscopy-Based Electric Techniques
Sergei Magonov, John Alexander, Shijie Wu
10. Quantitative Piezoresponse Force Microscopy: Calibrated Experiments, Analytical Theory and Finite Element Modeling

Lebedev, Leonid P. - Functional Analysis in Mechanics, ebook

Functional Analysis in Mechanics

Lebedev, Leonid P.


Mechanics Problems from the Functional Analysis Viewpoint
Leonid P. Lebedev, Iosif I. Vorovich, Michael J. Cloud
3. Some Spectral Problems of Mechanics
Leonid P. Lebedev, Iosif I. Vorovich, Michael J. Cloud
4. Elements of Nonlinear Functional Analysis

Gómez-Romero, Pedro - Functional Hybrid Materials, ebook

Functional Hybrid Materials

Gómez-Romero, Pedro


Functional Hybrid Materials consist of both organic and inorganic components, assembled for the purpose of generating desirable properties and functionalities. The aim is twofold: to bring out or enhance advantageous chemical, electrochemical, magnetic