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Bishop, David M. - Valuation for M&A: Building Value in Private Companies, ebook

Valuation for M&A: Building Value in Private Companies

Bishop, David M.


The only resource available to help calculate investment value versus fair market value
Whether buying or selling, the question of "what's it worth?" is multifaceted. In an M&A setting, it is necessary to compute fair market value, but it is far more important to compute investment value-the value of the target company

Comhaire, Frank - Traité d’andrologie à l’usage des cliniciens, ebook

Traité d’andrologie à l’usage des cliniciens

Comhaire, Frank


Options thérapeutiques
Christine Evans, T. B. Hargreave, A. M. Belker, J. Kunnen, M. Kunnen, F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud, D. J. Hanelsman, G. M. H. Waites, L. J. G. Gooren, S. K. W. Leung, S. A. McNeill, D. Vanderschueren, H. -C. Schuppe, A. Jung, W. -B. Schill,

Schill, Wolf-Bernhard - Andrologia clinica, ebook

Andrologia clinica

Schill, Wolf-Bernhard


Andrologia: definizione, aspetti clinici e prevalenza
Wolf-Bernhard Schill, Frank Comhaire, Timothy B. Hargreave
2. Organizzazione del testo e guida all’uso
Frank Comhaire
3. Medicina basata sull’evidenza nella medicina della riproduzione e in andrologia

Janas, Jan - Spectral Theory and Analysis, ebook

Spectral Theory and Analysis

Janas, Jan


Frank, Ari Laptev, Robert Seiringer
4. Zero-range Model of p-scattering by a Potential Well
Yu. E. Karpeshina
5. The Similarity Problem for Non-selfadjoint Operators with Absolutely Continuous Spectrum: Restrictions to Spectral Subspaces
Alexander V.