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Gupta, Tapan - Carbon, ebook


Gupta, Tapan


Historical Production and Use of Carbon Materials: The Activated Carbon
Tapan Gupta
3. Carbon Composites and Related Metal Matrix
Tapan Gupta
4. Polymer Families and Their Extended Activities
Tapan Gupta
5. Coal, the Black Carbon

Goel, Malti - Carbon Utilization, ebook

Carbon Utilization

Goel, Malti


CO2 Capture and Utilization for the Energy Industry: Outlook for Capability Development to Address Climate Change in India
Malti Goel
2. Adoption and Introduction of Supercritical Technology in the Power Sector and Consequential Effects in Operation, Efficiency

Liu, Zhu - Carbon Emissions in China, ebook

Carbon Emissions in China

Liu, Zhu


China’s National, Regional, and City’s Carbon Emission Inventories
Zhu Liu
3. Carbon Emissions from Regions and Sectors
Zhu Liu
4. Driving Factors of China’s Carbon Emissions
Zhu Liu
5. Carbon Emissions

Singh, T.N. - Geologic Carbon Sequestration, ebook

Geologic Carbon Sequestration

Singh, T.N.


Determination of CO2-Brine-Rock Interactions for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Using SEM-EDS Methods
Magdalena Wdowin, Wojciech Franus
Part IV. CO2 Storage in Coal
8. Geological Considerations for CO2 Storage in Coal
Jack C. Pashin
9. A Review Summary