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Malhotra, Ripudaman - Fossil Energy, ebook

Fossil Energy

Malhotra, Ripudaman


Table of contents
1. Fossil Energy, Introduction
Ripudaman Malhotra
2. Oil and Natural Gas: Global Resources
Peter J. McCabe
3. Petroleum and Oil Sands Exploration and Production
James G. Speight
4. Petroleum Refining and Environmental Control and Environmental Effects
James G. Speight
5. Oil

Bagrintseva, Ksenia I. - Carbonate Reservoir Rocks, ebook

Carbonate Reservoir Rocks

Bagrintseva, Ksenia I.


Most of the world’s energy still comes from fossil fuels, and there are still many strides being made in the efficiency and cost effectiveness of extracting these important and increasingly more elusive natural resources.  This is only possible