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Pukkala, Timo - Continuous Cover Forestry, ebook

Continuous Cover Forestry

Pukkala, Timo


Continuous Cover Forestry in Finland – Recent Research Results
Timo Pukkala, Erkki Lähde, Olavi Laiho
4. Regulation of Timber Yield Sustainability for Tropical and Subtropical Moist Forests: Ecosilvicultural Paradigms and Economic Constraints

Kitayama, Kanehiro - Co-benefits of Sustainable Forestry, ebook

Co-benefits of Sustainable Forestry

Kitayama, Kanehiro


Impacts of Two Different Forest Management Practices on the Abundance of Mammals
Hiromitsu Samejima, Peter Lagan, Kanehiro Kitayama
6. Guidelines for Establishing Conservation Areas in Sustainable Forest Management: Developing

Luo, Shi Ming - Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, ebook

Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry

Luo, Shi Ming


Table of contents
Part 1. History
1. Historical Examples of Allelopathy and Ethnobotany from the Mediterranean Region
Giovanni Aliotta, Azim U. Mallik, Antonino Pollio
2. Allelopathy: Advances, Challenges and Opportunities
Azim U. Mallik
3. Allelopathy in Chinese Ancient and Modern Agriculture

Bredemeier, Michael - Forest Management and the Water Cycle, ebook

Forest Management and the Water Cycle

Bredemeier, Michael


Effects of Climate Change on the Vulnerability of Norway Spruce Stands – Soil Hydrological Constraints for Forest Management in Austria’s Lowlands
Karl Gartner, Michael Englisch, Ernst Leitgeb
8. Observed Climate Change in Croatia and Its Impact on the

Faridah-Hanum, I. - Mangrove Ecosystems of Asia, ebook

Mangrove Ecosystems of Asia

Faridah-Hanum, I.


Research and Development Activities Towards Sustainable Management of Mangroves in Peninsular Malaysia
Azian Mohti, Ismail Parlan, Hamdan Omar
18. Climate Change Adaptation: Management Options for Mangrove Areas