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Pukkala, Timo - Continuous Cover Forestry, ebook

Continuous Cover Forestry

Pukkala, Timo


Continuous Cover Forestry in Finland – Recent Research Results
Timo Pukkala, Erkki Lähde, Olavi Laiho
4. Regulation of Timber Yield Sustainability for Tropical and Subtropical Moist Forests: Ecosilvicultural Paradigms and Economic Constraints

Kitayama, Kanehiro - Co-benefits of Sustainable Forestry, ebook

Co-benefits of Sustainable Forestry

Kitayama, Kanehiro


Table of contents
1. Management History of the Study Sites: The Deramakot and Tangkulap Forest Reserves
Robert C. Ong, Andreas Langner, Nobuo Imai, Kanehiro Kitayama
2. The Application of Satellite Remote Sensing for Classifying Forest Degradation…

Hidayat, Herman - Sustainable Plantation Forestry, ebook

Sustainable Plantation Forestry

Hidayat, Herman


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction
Herman Hidayat
Part II. Southeast Asia
2. Thailand
Herman Hidayat
3. Philippines
Herman Hidayat
4. Indonesia
Herman Hidayat
5. Vietnam
Herman Hidayat