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Halámek, Jan - Forensic Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Engineering, ebook

Forensic Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Engineering

Halámek, Jan


Concentrating on the natural science aspects of forensics, top international authors from renowned universities, institutes, and laboratories impart the latest information from the field.
In doing so they provide the background needed to understand the state of the art in forensic science

Solomon, Michael G. - Computer Forensics JumpStart, ebook

Computer Forensics JumpStart

Solomon, Michael G.


Essential reading for launching a career in computer forensics
Internet crime is on the rise, catapulting the need for computer forensics specialists. This new edition presents you with a completely updated overview of the basic skills that are required as a computer forensics

Anzaldua, Reynaldo - Computer Forensics For Dummies, ebook

Computer Forensics For Dummies

Anzaldua, Reynaldo

From 32,00€

Uncover a digital trail of e-evidence by using the helpful, easy-to-understand information in Computer Forensics For Dummies! Professional and armchair investigators alike can learn the basics of computer forensics, from digging out electronic evidence

Lyle, Douglas P. - Forensics For Dummies, ebook

Forensics For Dummies

Lyle, Douglas P.


You'll learn how Hollywood gets it wrong, and how real-world forensics experts work every day in fields as diverse as biology, psychology, anthropology, medicine, information technology, and more. If you're interested in a forensics

Guillossou, Frederic - Cyber Forensics: From Data to Digital Evidence, ebook

Cyber Forensics: From Data to Digital Evidence

Guillossou, Frederic


An explanation of the basic principles of data

This book explains the basic principles of data as building blocks of electronic evidential matter, which are used in a cyber forensics investigations. The entire text is written with no reference to a particular operation

Dorrell, Darrell D. - Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge, ebook

Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge

Dorrell, Darrell D.

From 83,60€

The definitive, must-have guide for the forensic accounting professional
Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge is the unique, innovative, and definitive guide and technical reference work for the financial forensics and/or forensic accounting professional,

Masys, Anthony J. - Disaster Forensics, ebook

Disaster Forensics

Masys, Anthony J.


Patient Safety and Disaster Forensics: Understanding Complex Causality Through Actor Network Ethnography
Anthony J. Masys
5. The Fog of Battle in Risk and Crisis Communication: Towards the Goal of Interoperability in the Digital Age
Allan Bonner