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Traitler, Helmut - Food Industry Design, Technology and Innovation, ebook

Food Industry Design, Technology and Innovation

Traitler, Helmut


Food products have always been designed, but usually not consciously. Even when design has been part of the process, it has often been restricted to considerations of packaging, logos, fonts and colors.
But now design is impacting more dramatically on the complex web that makes up our

Baldwin, Cheryl J. - Sustainability in the Food Industry, ebook

Sustainability in the Food Industry

Baldwin, Cheryl J.


Sustainability is beginning to transform the food industry with environmental, economic and social factors being considered, evaluated and implemented throughout the supply chain like never before. Sustainability in the Food Industry defines sustainability

Fryer, Peter - Formulation Engineering of Foods, ebook

Formulation Engineering of Foods

Fryer, Peter


Formulation Engineering of Foods provides an in-depth look at formulation engineering approaches to food processing and product development of healthier, higher-performance foods.
Through the use of eye-catching examples, such as low fat and low calorie chocolate, and salt reduction

Sidali, Katia Laura - Food, Agri-Culture and Tourism, ebook

Food, Agri-Culture and Tourism

Sidali, Katia Laura


Perspectives of emotional food communication for farm operators
Nina Stockebrand, Katia Laura Sidali, Achim Spiller
3. Policy options for sustainability. a preliminary appraisal of rural tourism in Romania: the case of Maramureş
Francesca Regoli, Matteo

Side, Catherine - Food Product Development: Based on Experience, ebook

Food Product Development: Based on Experience

Side, Catherine


Improve your product development success ratio!
This IFT Basic Symposium is the collective work of a team of seasoned food industry consultants whose experiences and observations provide a "how to" guide of successful product and process development. Their information-packed presentations