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Ceccarelli, Marco - Proceedings of EUCOMES 08, ebook

Proceedings of EUCOMES 08

Ceccarelli, Marco


Synthesis of a Spatial Five-Link Mechanism with Two Degrees of Freedom According to the Given Laws of Motion
N. Davitashvili, O. Gelashvili
21. Synthesis of Mechanisms with Evolutionary Techniques
J.A. Cabrera, J.J. Castillo, F. Nadal, A. Ortiz, A. Simón

Flores, Paulo - New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science, ebook

New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science

Flores, Paulo


Efficiency Assessment in Spur Gears with Shifting and Profile Modifications
Alberto Diez-Ibarbia, Alfonso Fernandez-del-Rincon, Miguel Iglesias, Ana De-Juan, Pablo Garcia, Fernando Viadero
21. Motion Design Considering Moment of Inertia
Sören Schulze,

Huang, Yanjiang - Mechanism and Machine Science, ebook

Mechanism and Machine Science

Huang, Yanjiang


COSA-FBA Hand: An Underactuated Hand with Five-gear Mechanisms and Built-in Actuators
Siqiao Ruan, Wenzeng Zhang, Tianyi Zhang, Shuang Song
12. Topological Characteristics Analysis for a Family of Novel SCARA Parallel Mechanisms
Qingfei Zeng, Huiping Shen,

Gao, Feng - Advances in Mechanical Design, ebook

Advances in Mechanical Design

Gao, Feng


A Gear Mesh Dynamic Model for Analyzing the Nonlinear Vibrations of Spur Gears Supported by Compliant Shafts
Cheng Wang, Hui Liu, Minggang Du, Changle Xiang
8. Analysis of Transmission Performance for Asynchronous Magnetic Coupler with Trapezoidal Halbach-Array