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Lang, Seán - First World War For Dummies, ebook

First World War For Dummies

Lang, Seán

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From the Somme to Gallipoli to the home front, First World War For Dummies provides an authoritative, accessible, and engaging introduction to the War to End All Wars.

Hämmerle, Christa - Gender and the First World War, ebook

Gender and the First World War

Hämmerle, Christa


Introduction: Women’s and Gender History of the First World War — Topics, Concepts, Perspectives
Christa Hämmerle, Oswald Überegger, Birgitta Bader Zaar
2. Women Behind the Lines:

Horne, John - A Companion to World War I, ebook

A Companion to World War I

Horne, John


A Companion to the First World War brings together an international team of distinguished historians who provide a series of original and thought-provoking essays on one of the most devastating events in modern history.Comprises

Robbins, Professor Keith - The First World War, ebook

The First World War

Robbins, Professor Keith


This book gives a clear chronological account of the campaigns on the Western and Eastern Fronts and then moves on to investigate areas that many studies ignore - the war poets, the diplomacy of war-aims and peace moves, logistics, and 'the experience

Strachan, Hew - The First World War in Africa, ebook

The First World War in Africa

Strachan, Hew


To Arms is Hew Strachan's most complete and definitive study of the opening of the First World War. Now, key sections from this magisterial work are published as individual paperbacks, each complete in itself, and