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Macnaughton, Jane - The Body and the Arts, ebook

The Body and the Arts

Macnaughton, Jane


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Corinne Saunders, Ulrika Maude, Jane Macnaughton
Part I. Thinking the Body
2. Polyclitus among the Philosophers: Canons of Classical Beauty
George Boys-Stones
3. Body as Graced or Vile: Tensions…

Plate, Liedeke - Technologies of Memory in the Arts, ebook

Technologies of Memory in the Arts

Plate, Liedeke


Table of contents
1. Technologies of Memory in the Arts: An Introduction
Liedeke Plate, Anneke Smelik
Part I. Mediating Memories
2. Tourists of History: Souvenirs, Architecture and the Kitschification of Memory
Marita Sturken
3. Minimalism, Memory and the Reflection of Absence
Wouter Weijers

Simonsen, Peter - Wordsworth and Word-Preserving Arts, ebook

Wordsworth and Word-Preserving Arts

Simonsen, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter Simonsen
2. The Return of the Visible and Romantic Ekphrasis: Wordsworth in the Visual Art Culture of Romanticism
Peter Simonsen
3. Typographic Inscription: The Art of ‘Word-Preserving’ in…

Hustvedt, Siri - Mysteries of the Rectangle, ebook

Mysteries of the Rectangle

Hustvedt, Siri


Table of contents
1. The Pleasures of Bewilderment
2. Vermeer’s Annunciation
3. The Man with the Red Crayon
4. Ghosts at the Table
5. Narratives in the Body: Goya’s Los Caprichos
6. More Goya: “There Are No Rules in Painting”

Braembussche, Antoon - Thinking Art, ebook

Thinking Art

Braembussche, Antoon


Table of contents
1. Introduction: What Is Philosophy of Art?
I. The Nature of Art: Classical Answers to the Question “What Is Art?”
2. The Imitation Theory
3. Expression Theories
4. Formalism
5. Art as a Synthesis of Form and Expression