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Zopounidis, Constantin - Handbook of Financial Engineering, ebook

Handbook of Financial Engineering

Zopounidis, Constantin


Genetic Programming and Financial Trading: How Much About “What We Know”
Shu-Heng Chen, Tzu-Wen Kuo, Kong-Mui Hoi
Part II. Risk Management
6. Interest Rate Models: A Review
Christos Ioannidis, Rong Hui Miao, Julian M. Williams
7. Engineering

Fletcher, Shayne - Financial Modelling in Python, ebook

Financial Modelling in Python

Fletcher, Shayne


"Fletcher and Gardner have created a comprehensive resource that will be of interest not only to those working in the field of finance, but also to those using numerical methods in other fields such as engineering, physics, and actuarial mathematics. By showing how to combine the high-level