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Panse, Silke - A Critique of Judgment in Film and Television, ebook

A Critique of Judgment in Film and Television

Panse, Silke


Table of contents
1. Judgment between Ethics and Aesthetics: An Introduction
Silke Panse, Dennis Rothermel
Part I. Judgment in Factual Television
2. The Judging Spectator in the Image
Silke Panse
3. The Tones of Judgment in Local…

Chan, Felicia - Genre in Asian Film and Television, ebook

Genre in Asian Film and Television

Chan, Felicia


The Hindi Horror Film: Notes on the Realism of a Marginal Genre
Valentina Vitali
10. From Genre Flick to Art Film: Seijun Suzuki’s Branded to Kill and Pistol Opera
Temenuga Trifonova
Part III. Genre and Cross-Cultural

Matheson, Sue - Love in Western Film and Television, ebook

Love in Western Film and Television

Matheson, Sue


Paladin Plays the Field: 1950s Television, Masculinity, and the New Episodic Sexualization of the Private Sphere
Erin Lee Mock
8. Reverse Transvestism and the Classic Hero: The Ballad of Little Jo and the Archetypal Western (Fe)male
Vincent Piturro

Herren, Graley - Samuel Beckett’s Plays on Film and Television, ebook

Samuel Beckett’s Plays on Film and Television

Herren, Graley


Slouching toward Television: Beckett’s Apprenticeship in Radio and Film
Graley Herren
3. “The Best’s to Come”: Suicidal Fantasy in Eh Joe
Graley Herren
4. Decomposing and Recomposing Ghost Trio
Graley Herren
5. Beckett’s Double-Vision

Andrews, Hannah - Television and British Cinema, ebook

Television and British Cinema

Andrews, Hannah


Convergence/Divergence: The Relations between Television and Film at the End of the Analogue Era
2. Film and Television Drama: The Making of a Relationship
Hannah Andrews
3. Television as Film, Film as Television:

Hoskins, Andrew - Television and Terror, ebook

Television and Terror

Hoskins, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrew Hoskins, Ben O’Loughlin
2. Television and Time
Andrew Hoskins, Ben O’Loughlin
3. Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of the ‘CNN Effect’
Andrew Hoskins, Ben O’Loughlin
4. Talking Terror: Political Discourses and the 2003 Iraq War
Andrew Hoskins,

Weissmann, Elke - Transnational Television Drama, ebook

Transnational Television Drama

Weissmann, Elke


US and UK Television, 1970 to 2010
Elke Weissmann
3. National Difference and Transnational Assimilation
Elke Weissmann
4. Transnational Aesthetic Influences and Performance
Elke Weissmann
5. The Development of a New Genre
Elke Weissmann