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Carlsten, Jennie M. - Film, History and Memory, ebook

Film, History and Memory

Carlsten, Jennie M.


Foundational Films: The Memorialization of Resistance in Italy, France, Belarus and Yugoslavia
Mercedes Camino
7. Amnesty with a Movie Camera
Andrew J. Hennlich
8. History, Fiction and the Politics of Corporeality in Pablo Larraín’s Dictatorship

Chapman, James - The New Film History, ebook

The New Film History

Chapman, James


‘This Ship is England’: History, Politics and National Identity in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)
James Chapman
Part II. Authorship
6. Art in Context: British Film Design of the 1940s

Grundmann, Roy - American Film History: Selected Readings, Origins to 1960, ebook

American Film History: Selected Readings, Origins to 1960

Grundmann, Roy


This authoritative collection of introductory and specialized readings explores the rich and innovative history of this period in American cinema. Spanning an essential range of subjects from the early 1900s Nickelodeon to the decline of the studio system in the 1960s, it combines a broad

Gaal-Holmes, Patti - A History of 1970s Experimental Film, ebook

A History of 1970s Experimental Film

Gaal-Holmes, Patti


Experimental Film and Other Visual Arts
Patti Gaal-Holmes
5. Visionary, Mythopoeia and Diary Films
Patti Gaal-Holmes
6. Experiments with Structure and Material
Patti Gaal-Holmes
7. Women and Film
Patti Gaal-Holmes
8. Conclusion: (Re)cognitions

Burnett, Mark Thornton - Filming and Performing Renaissance History, ebook

Filming and Performing Renaissance History

Burnett, Mark Thornton


Horrible Shakespearean Histories: Performing the Renaissance for and with Children
Kate Chedgzoy
9. Mark Rylance, Henry V and ‘Original Practices’ at Shakespeare’s Globe: History Refashioned
Christie Carson
10. ‘There is So Much to See in Rome’:

Enticknap, Leo - Film Restoration, ebook

Film Restoration

Enticknap, Leo


Why Do Films Need to Be Restored?
Leo Enticknap
3. Where Are Films Restored, Where Do They Come From and Who Restores Them?
Leo Enticknap
4. The Technique of Film Restoration
Leo Enticknap
5. The Presentation

Donaldson, Lucy Fife - Texture in Film, ebook

Texture in Film

Donaldson, Lucy Fife


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lucy Fife Donaldson
2. Introducing Texture in Film
Lucy Fife Donaldson
3. Textural Worlds
Lucy Fife Donaldson
4. Experiencing Space
Lucy Fife Donaldson
5. Sound
Lucy Fife Donaldson

Richards, Stuart James - The Queer Film Festival, ebook

The Queer Film Festival

Richards, Stuart James


The Queer Film Festival and the Creative Industries
Stuart James Richards
3. The Queer Film Festival as a Social Enterprise
Stuart James Richards
4. Queer Film Festival Programming

Hutchings, Stephen - Russia and its Other(s) on Film, ebook

Russia and its Other(s) on Film

Hutchings, Stephen


Scant Sign of Thaw: Fear and Anxiety in the Representation of Foreigners in the Soviet Films of the Khrushchev Years
Julian Graffy
3. ‘The Italians are Coming!’ Italy and the ‘Other’ in Soviet Cinema
David Gillespie
4. In the Cuckoo’s Nest: