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Eagleton, Mary - A Concise Companion to Feminist Theory, ebook

A Concise Companion to Feminist Theory

Eagleton, Mary


The Concise Companion to Feminist Theory introduces readers to the broad scope of feminist theory over the last 35 years.
Introduces readers to the broad scope of feminist theory over the past 35 years. Guides

Buszek, Maria Elena - A Companion to Feminist Art, ebook

A Companion to Feminist Art

Buszek, Maria Elena


Employing a different approach, A Companion to Feminist Art defines ‘art’ as a dynamic set of material and theoretical practices in the realm of culture, and ‘feminism’ as an equally dynamic set of activist and theoretical

Horn, Katrin - Women, Camp, and Popular Culture, ebook

Women, Camp, and Popular Culture

Horn, Katrin


Postfeminism: Feminist Camp in 30 Rock
Katrin Horn
5. Taking Pop Seriously: Lady Gaga as Camp
Katrin Horn
6. Camp: A New, More Complex Relation to the Serious
Katrin Horn

Abraham, Kochurani - Feminist Cyberethics in Asia, ebook

Feminist Cyberethics in Asia

Abraham, Kochurani


Sacralizing Time and Space through an Epistemology of Peace: A Feminist Reading of DiscipleSFX of Malaysia
Sharon A. Bong
9. From Cyberchurch to Faith Apps Religion 2.0 on the Rise?
Pauline Hope Cheong
Part IV. Spirituality in the Digital Age

Dulfano, Isabel - Indigenous Feminist Narratives, ebook

Indigenous Feminist Narratives

Dulfano, Isabel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Isabel Dulfano
2. Canonical Representations of Indigenous Women in Latin American Literature
Isabel Dulfano
3. Notes on Indigenous Feminism Post-Testimonial
Isabel Dulfano
4. Memory/Memoir,…

McGlynn, Cathy - Ageing Women in Literature and Visual Culture, ebook

Ageing Women in Literature and Visual Culture

McGlynn, Cathy


“No One Noticed Her”: Ageing Spinsters and Youth Culture in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Short Stories
Cathy McGlynn
8. Stories of Motherhood and Ageing in ABC’s Television Programme Once Upon a Time
Katherine Whitehurst
9. “She Says She’s

Stevens, Lara - Feminist Ecologies, ebook

Feminist Ecologies

Stevens, Lara


Ecofeminist Analysis and the Culture of Ecological Denial
Val Plumwood
Part II. Ecofeminist Currents
7. From The Female Eunuch to White Beech: Germaine Greer and Ecological Feminism
Lara Stevens
8. Climate Guardian Angels: Feminist