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Entwistle, Joanne - The Fashioned Body, ebook

The Fashioned Body

Entwistle, Joanne


The Fashioned Body provides a wide-ranging and original overview of fashion and dress from an historical and sociological perspective. Where once fashion was seen as marginal, it has now entered into core economic

Maxwell, Alexander - Patriots Against Fashion, ebook

Patriots Against Fashion

Maxwell, Alexander


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Clothing and Nationalism Studies
Alexander Maxwell
2. Fashion as a Social Problem
Alexander Maxwell
3. The Tyranny of Queen Fashion
Alexander Maxwell
4. The Sumptuary Mentality
Alexander Maxwell
5. The Discovery of the Uniform
Alexander Maxwell

Okonkwo, Uche - Luxury Fashion Branding, ebook

Luxury Fashion Branding

Okonkwo, Uche


Introduction: Who said fashion is not serious business?
Uche Okonkwo
2. A question of luxury
Uche Okonkwo
3. What’s in a name? The history of luxury fashion branding
Uche Okonkwo
4. A passion for

Ross, Robert - Clothing: A Global History, ebook

Clothing: A Global History

Ross, Robert


In virtually all the countries of the world, men, and to a lesser extent women, are today dressed in very similar clothing. This book gives a compelling account and analysis of the process by which this has come about. At the same time it takes seriously…

Arscott, David - Rations, A Very Peculiar History, ebook

Rations, A Very Peculiar History

Arscott, David


'Rations: A Very Peculiar History' looks at the measures the British government took to ensure the wellbeing of its people during wartime, and how the British public dealt with it. With some stealing, some hoarding, but most just trying to get by, it was one of the

Backerra, Charlotte - Transnational Histories of the 'Royal Nation', ebook

Transnational Histories of the 'Royal Nation'

Backerra, Charlotte


The Royal Nation and Global Intellectual History: Monarchic Routes to Conceptualizing National Unity
Milinda Banerjee
3. Resilient in Adversity: The Monarchical State in Prussia and Sardinia-Piedmont, 1847–51
Amerigo Caruso
4. Nepalese Monarchy in

Popkewitz, Thomas S. - Rethinking the History of Education, ebook

Rethinking the History of Education

Popkewitz, Thomas S.


The Visual Turn in the History of Education: Four Comments for a Historiographical Discussion
Inés Dussel
3. Chinese Mode of Historical Thinking and Its Transformation in Pedagogical Discourse
Zongjie Wu
Section II. In Search of the Archive: Comparative