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McKelvey, Kathryn - Fashion Design: Process, Innovation and Practice, ebook

Fashion Design: Process, Innovation and Practice

McKelvey, Kathryn


Fashion Design sets out basic principles and exercises in order to make fashion design a logical process, providing a framework from which they can expand your skills steadily.
Fashion Design, 2nd Edition:Shows how the design process can be successfully applied

Arnold, Lisa - Fashion Drawing For Dummies, ebook

Fashion Drawing For Dummies

Arnold, Lisa

From 25,10€

Plus, you'll not only learn how to draw clothes and fabric, but also how to show details that make up the total look: faces and hairstyles, fashion accents, and a wide variety of textures.
If you're an aspiring fashion designer,

Martin, Jill - Fashion For Dummies®, ebook

Fashion For Dummies®

Martin, Jill


Reveals how to put together outfits that work without overextending your budget Features a section dedicated to menswear Packed with helpful illustrations presented in full color
The perfect guide for novice fashion-hunters, Fashion

Keech, Paula - Freelance Fashion Designer's Handbook, ebook

Freelance Fashion Designer's Handbook

Keech, Paula


Do you have the passion and the creativity for fashion?   Why not earn a living from it?
The Freelance Fashion Designer's Handbook is your essential guide on how to go it alone, covering what to expect, making sure you get paid, planning

Lea-Greenwood, Gaynor - Fashion Marketing Communications, ebook

Fashion Marketing Communications

Lea-Greenwood, Gaynor

From 33,00€

Fashion is all about image. Consequently, fashion marketing communications – encompassing image management and public relations, branding, visual merchandising, publicity campaigns, handling the media, celebrity endorsement and sponsorship, crisis

Centner, Marianne - Fashion Designer's Handbook for Adobe Illustrator, ebook

Fashion Designer's Handbook for Adobe Illustrator

Centner, Marianne


Fashion Designer's Handbook for Adobe Illustrator 2nd Edition is a teach-yourself guide that provides step-by-step instructions and diagrams on how to use Adobe Illustrator CS5. 
Bursting with detailed technical information and full colour illustrations, its highly practical approach

Entwistle, Joanne - The Fashioned Body, ebook

The Fashioned Body

Entwistle, Joanne


The Fashioned Body provides a wide-ranging and original overview of fashion and dress from an historical and sociological perspective. Where once fashion was seen as marginal, it has now entered into core economic

Cooklin, Gerry - Cooklin's Garment Technology for Fashion Designers, ebook

Cooklin's Garment Technology for Fashion Designers

Cooklin, Gerry


Build the knowledge and understanding of garment technology essential to any designer
In today's competitive fashion industry, it is essential that designers have a working understanding of garment technology. This 2nd edition has been comprehensively updated, with in-depth information

Finkelstein, Joanne - The Fashioned Self, ebook

The Fashioned Self

Finkelstein, Joanne

From 59,40€

This book examines the nature of the self and self-identity in the modern age, and the way in which they have been moulded through the alteration of bodily appearance, exemplified fashions, facelifts and diets. The idea that an individual's character is revealed through physical appearance