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Verga, Giovanni - A Sinner, ebook

A Sinner

Verga, Giovanni


Giovanni Verga was an Italian realist writer, best known for his depictions of life in Sicily. A sinner is a story of love and jealousy, set in a Sicilian village, Vizzini, in the late nineteenth century and published in 1865. A young man from Catania,…

Oriani, Alfredo - Holocaust, ebook


Oriani, Alfredo


Maria is depressed, but soon depression turns into a real disease. When the girl is back to the convent her pain sharpens because of the sinful thoughts to Nino, Mary took his vows, he punishes and tries to repress his feelings. At the news of the marriage…

Poe, Edgar A. - Ligeia, ebook


Poe, Edgar A.


In this wellknown story by Poe the narrator describes Ligeia, a beautiful, mysterious and intellectual woman who became ill and died. Later on, the narrator, still griefstricken, marries Lady Rowena Trevanion. The building in which they live is richly…

Conrad, Joseph - The Tale, ebook

The Tale

Conrad, Joseph


The Tale is the only work of Conrad set during the First World War. To accommodate the desire of his beloved, the captain of a ship tells a story of honour and death. A captain in the Royal Navy during a reconnaissance, notice a mysterious boat in the…

O'Brien, Fitz J. - What Was It?, ebook

What Was It?

O'Brien, Fitz J.


Ghosts have always haunted literature and Fitz James O'Brien’s What Was It? is an example of this kind. Ghosts have always been an important place in literature and the short story by Fitz James O'Brien, What was it? is one example. One night an invisible…

James, Henry - Brooksmith, ebook


James, Henry


In Henry James Brooksmith an unknown narrator tells the gradual decline of the butler of a retired diplomat, Mr. Offord. It seems that Brooksmith, the butler, contributed very much to the convivial and cultural atmosphere in the ballroom. At the end Mr.…

James, Henry - The Story of It, ebook

The Story of It

James, Henry


In James’ The Story of It two ladies and a gentleman talk about fiction and its relation to real life. They wonder if a story may be of interest without being focused on an actual (sexual) relationship, but the reader discovers that this is what this…

James, Henry - Flickerbridge, ebook


James, Henry


In Henry James’ Flickerbridge Granger goes to England to recover and write. He left his girlfriend in Paris, and their commitment is unclear. Granger will rest to his girlfriend's cousin, Adelaide Wenham, who lives in an English village. When he gets…

Melville, Hermann - The Piazza, ebook

The Piazza

Melville, Hermann


In Hermann Melville‘s The Piazza a retired man moves to the countryside. The farm life is not easy and disappointments are described from the veranda of his remote cottage, situated on the edge of a forest, where it seems there is a young woman living…

Mérimée, Prosper - Tamango, ebook


Mérimée, Prosper


Maintenant, après cette dernière excursion, il faudrait partir, retourner en France, revoir Paris, la ville du bavardage inutile, des soucis, médiocres et des poignées de mains sans nombre. Je dirais adieu aux choses aimées, si nouvelles, à peine…