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Hatch, Mary Jo - The Three Faces of Leadership: Manager, Artist, Priest, ebook

The Three Faces of Leadership: Manager, Artist, Priest

Hatch, Mary Jo


The Three Faces of Leadership takes readers inside the minds of CEOs who have been celebrated by the Harvard Business Review over the last decade of the twentieth century. Drawing on interviews with these famous CEOs, Mary Jo Hatch, Monika Kostera and Andrzej K. Kozminski demonstrate how

Whitehead,McNicol, Stephen,Rachael - The 16 Faces of Woman, ebook

The 16 Faces of Woman

Whitehead,McNicol, Stephen,Rachael


The 16 Faces of Women is the first book to unveil the hidden character which makes up modern woman. The book really gets below the surface of femininity and exposes just what it means to be a woman today - the positives and the negatives. From sex to love, family to

Browne, Laurence - The Many Faces of Coincidence, ebook

The Many Faces of Coincidence

Browne, Laurence


The Many Faces of Coincidence attempts to remedy this impasse by proposing an inclusive categorisation for coincidences of all shapes and sizes. At the same time, some of the implications arising from the various explanations are explored, including the possibility

Letschert, Rianne - The New Faces of Victimhood, ebook

The New Faces of Victimhood

Letschert, Rianne


New Faces of Victimhood: Reflections on the Unjust Sides of Globalization
Rianne Letschert, Jan Dijk
2. Global Governance and Global Crime – Do Victims Fall in Between?
Rianne Letschert, Marc Groenhuijsen
3. Human Security and the Emergence of a Global

Muir, Janet - Masks and Faces, ebook

Masks and Faces

Muir, Janet


Everyone on deck! All hands on deck! Fire! Fire! Bring the hose quick! As the steamship lurched in the heavy seas, Harry Braham grabbed what clothes he could and struggled with the other terrified passengers to climb the ladders. On deck, with the rain…

Määttä, Kaarina - Many Faces of Love, ebook

Many Faces of Love

Määttä, Kaarina


Table of contents
Chapter 1. Love along the Course of Life
1. The Sweet Poison of Love in Adolescence and Early Adulthood
Kaarina Määttä, Satu Uusiautti
2. Who is the One? The Difficulty in Selecting the Partner
Kaarina Määttä,…

Schult, Tanja - A Hero’s Many Faces, ebook

A Hero’s Many Faces

Schult, Tanja


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tanja Schult
Part I. Raoul Wallenberg
2. The Monuments’ Protagonist
Tanja Schult
3. Raoul Wallenberg’s Life, Mission, and Fate
Tanja Schult
4. Raoul Wallenberg in Historiography and Popular…