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Castagna, Antonio - FX Options and Smile Risk, ebook

FX Options and Smile Risk

Castagna, Antonio

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The FX options market represents one of the most liquid and strongly competitive markets in the world, and features many technical subtleties that can seriously harm the uninformed

Jewitt, Giles Peter - FX Derivatives Trader School, ebook

FX Derivatives Trader School

Jewitt, Giles Peter


The basics of financial markets and trading are covered, plus practical derivatives mathematics is introduced with reference to real-world trading and risk management. Derivative contracts are covered in detail from a trader's perspective using risk profiles and pricing

James, Jessica - Handbook of Exchange Rates, ebook

Handbook of Exchange Rates

James, Jessica

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Lyons, Dean and Professor of Finance, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley
“It is quite easily the most wide ranging treaty of expertise on the forex market I have ever come across. I will be keeping a copy close to my fingertips.”

Clark, Iain - Foreign Exchange Option Pricing: A Practitioners Guide, ebook

Foreign Exchange Option Pricing: A Practitioners Guide

Clark, Iain


This book covers foreign exchange options from the point of view of the finance practitioner. It contains everything a quant or trader working in a bank or hedge fund would need to know about the mathematics of foreign exchange—not just the theoretical mathematics covered in other

Ramirez, Juan - Accounting for Derivatives: Advanced Hedging under IFRS 9, ebook

Accounting for Derivatives: Advanced Hedging under IFRS 9

Ramirez, Juan


This second edition includes new chapters on hedging inflation risk and stock options, with new cases on special hedging situations including hedging components of commodity risk. This new edition also covers the accounting treatment of special derivatives situations,