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Vakoch, Douglas A. - Extraterrestrial Altruism, ebook

Extraterrestrial Altruism

Vakoch, Douglas A.


Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Altruism
Holmes Rolston
14. Kenotic Ethics and SETI: A Present-Day View
George F. R. Ellis
15. Altruism, Metalaw, and Celegistics: An Extraterrestrial Perspective on Universal Law-Making

Halley, J. Woods - How Likely is Extraterrestrial Life?, ebook

How Likely is Extraterrestrial Life?

Halley, J. Woods


Table of contents
1. Introduction
J. Woods Halley
2. Astrophysical Factors
J. Woods Halley
3. Planetary Considerations
J. Woods Halley
4. Biological Factors
J. Woods Halley
5. Unidentified Flying Objects
J. Woods…

Aschwanden, Markus J - Physics of the Solar Corona, ebook

Physics of the Solar Corona

Aschwanden, Markus J


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Thermal Radiation
3. Hydrostatics
4. Hydrodynamics
5. Magnetic Fields
6. Magneto-Hydrodynamics (MHD)
7. MHD Oscillations
8. Propagating MHD Waves
9. Coronal Heating
10. Magnetic Reconnection

Balogh, André - Physics of Collisionless Shocks, ebook

Physics of Collisionless Shocks

Balogh, André


Table of contents
1. Introduction
André Balogh, Rudolf A. Treumann
2. The Shock Problem
André Balogh, Rudolf A. Treumann
3. Basic Equations and Models
André Balogh, Rudolf A. Treumann
4. Collisionless Subcritical Shocks

Brekke, Asgeir - Physics of the Upper Polar Atmosphere, ebook

Physics of the Upper Polar Atmosphere

Brekke, Asgeir


Table of contents
1. The Sun and the solar wind
Asgeir Brekke
2. The atmosphere of the Earth
Asgeir Brekke
3. The Earth’s magnetic field and magnetosphere
Asgeir Brekke
4. The ionosphere
Asgeir Brekke
5. Currents in…

Sigl, Günter - Astroparticle Physics: Theory and Phenomenology, ebook

Astroparticle Physics: Theory and Phenomenology

Sigl, Günter


High Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrino Fluxes and Their Detection
Günter Sigl
10. Neutrino Properties
Günter Sigl
11. Neutrino Oscillations
Günter Sigl
12. Neutrino Properties and Their Role in Astrophysics and Cosmology
Günter Sigl

Heyssler, Matthias - Das Leben der Sterne, ebook

Das Leben der Sterne

Heyssler, Matthias


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Matthias Heyssler
2. Ende eines Sternenlebens
Matthias Heyssler
3. Supernovae
Matthias Heyssler
4. Die ersten Sterne
Matthias Heyssler
5. Rückblick
Matthias Heyssler

Laakso, Harri - The Cluster Active Archive, ebook

The Cluster Active Archive

Laakso, Harri


Table of contents
1. Cluster Active Archive: Overview
H. Laakso, C. Perry, S. McCaffrey, D. Herment, A. J. Allen, C. C. Harvey, C. P. Escoubet, C. Gruenberger, M. G. G. T. Taylor, R. Turner
2. ASPOC Data Products in the Cluster Active Archive