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Krumrey, Jacob - The Symbolic Politics of European Integration, ebook

The Symbolic Politics of European Integration

Krumrey, Jacob


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The EC as a Theater State
Jacob Krumrey
Part I. Europe on the Diplomatic Stage
2. Statesmen Made in Washington: Official EC Visits to the United States
Jacob Krumrey
3. At the Eurocrats’ Court: Foreign Representatives, Diplomatic Ceremonies, and the Empty Chair Crisis

Bretherton, Charlotte - The Europeanization of European Politics, ebook

The Europeanization of European Politics

Bretherton, Charlotte


Table of contents
Part I. Approaches to Analysis
1. Europeanization and European Politics
Michael Mannin
Part II. Country Studies
2. Germany, the EU and a Transforming Domestic Political Arena
Patricia Daehnhardt
3. Finland: Toward a More Cautious Europeanization?
Juha Jokela
4. France: Europeanization

Howarth, David - Discourse Theory in European Politics, ebook

Discourse Theory in European Politics

Howarth, David


Polity as Politics: Studying the Shaping and Effects of Discursive Polities
Allan Dreyer Hansen, Eva Sørensen
5. Problematizing the Mobilization of Hospital Directors
Steven Griggs
6. Political Administration
Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen
7. The

Heywood, Paul - Developments in West European Politics 2, ebook

Developments in West European Politics 2

Heywood, Paul


Contents Introduction: West European States Confront the Challenge of a New Millennium; P. Heywood, E.Jones & M.Rhodes PART ONE: THE STATE AND EUROPE Europe at the Crossroads; E.Jones Welfare States and Europe and Europe; M.Rhodes Reorganizing Security in Europe;

Barisione, Mauro - Social Media and European Politics, ebook

Social Media and European Politics

Barisione, Mauro


Do We Need to Rethink EU Politics in the Social Media Era? An Introduction to the Volume
Mauro Barisione, Asimina Michailidou
2. Social Media, Personalisation of News Reporting, and Media Systems’ Polarisation in Europe
Pablo Barberá, Cristian Vaccari,