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Krumrey, Jacob - The Symbolic Politics of European Integration, ebook

The Symbolic Politics of European Integration

Krumrey, Jacob


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The EC as a Theater State
Jacob Krumrey
Part I. Europe on the Diplomatic Stage
2. Statesmen Made in Washington: Official EC Visits to the United States
Jacob Krumrey
3. At the Eurocrats’ Court: Foreign Representatives, Diplomatic Ceremonies, and the Empty Chair Crisis

White, Jonathan - Political Allegiance After European Integration, ebook

Political Allegiance After European Integration

White, Jonathan


Table of contents
1. Political Community and the Bonds of Collectivity
Jonathan White
2. Studying the Allegiances of Europeans
Jonathan White
3. Articulations of the Political Common
Jonathan White
4. On Subjects, Opponents and Counterparts
Jonathan White
5. The Credibility of Political Projects

Phinnemore, David - Reflections on European Integration, ebook

Reflections on European Integration

Phinnemore, David


European Integration from the EEC’s Founding to the Present
2. Some Reflections on 50 Years of Experience since the Signature of the Treaties of Rome
Helen Wallace
3. Bringing People and Ideas Back in: Historical Research