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Bosch, Gerhard - European Employment Models in Flux, ebook

European Employment Models in Flux

Bosch, Gerhard


Table of contents
1. European Employment Models in Flux:Pressures for Change and Prospects for Survival and Revitalization
Gerhard Bosch, Steffen Lehndorff, Jill Rubery
2. Revisiting the UK Model: From Basket Case to Success Story and Back Again?
Jill Rubery, Damian Grimshaw, Rory Donnelly, Peter Urwin

Lindgren, Mats - 21st Century Management, ebook

21st Century Management

Lindgren, Mats


Table of contents
1. Fragments of Change
Mats Lindgren
2. A New Paradigm Emerging
Mats Lindgren
3. The thought Economy
Mats Lindgren
4. Jazzing Up The Data
Mats Lindgren
5. Waltzing into the Future
Mats Lindgren

Furåker, Bengt - Flexibility and Stability in Working Life, ebook

Flexibility and Stability in Working Life

Furåker, Bengt


Temporary Agency Work in the European Union — Economic Rationale and Equal Treatment
Donald Storrie
8. Flexibility, Stability and Agency Work: A Comparison of the Use of Agency Work in Sweden and the UK
Kristina Håkansson, Tommy Isidorsson
9. Flexible

Addison, John T. - The Economics of Codetermination, ebook

The Economics of Codetermination

Addison, John T.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John T. Addison
2. Context: What Is Codetermination?
John T. Addison
3. The Theory of Codetermination
John T. Addison
4. The Early Econometric Literature on Works Councils
John T. Addison
5. The Emergence of a More Positive View of Workplace Codetermination:

Goethals, George R. - Lincoln’s Legacy of Leadership, ebook

Lincoln’s Legacy of Leadership

Goethals, George R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
George R. Goethals, Gary L. Mcdowell
2. What Lincoln Was Up Against: The Context of Leadership
Edward L. Ayers
3. Lincoln’s Construction of the Consent Principle and the Right of Revolution in the…