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Kaiser, Wolfram - European Union History, ebook

European Union History

Kaiser, Wolfram


From Isolation to Centrality: Contemporary History Meets European Studies
Wolfram Kaiser
5. Between Political Commitment and Academic Research: Federalist Perspectives
Daniele Pasquinucci
6. At the Heart of Integration:

Romano, Michael J. - CliffsAP European History, ebook

CliffsAP European History

Romano, Michael J.


Your complete guide to a higher score on the *AP European History exam
About the book:
Reviews of the AP exam format and scoring
Proven strategies for answering multiple-choice questions

Kirschbaum, Stanislav J. - Central European History and the European Union, ebook

Central European History and the European Union

Kirschbaum, Stanislav J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stanislav J. Kirschbaum
Part I. Whence Central Europe?
2. European Roots: the Case of Slovakia
Stanislav J. Kirschbaum
3. Federalism in Central Europe: Past and Present
Francesco Leoncini
4. Toward an Open Society: Reflections on the 1989 Revolution in Eastern Europe

Grossi, Paolo - A History of European Law, ebook

A History of European Law

Grossi, Paolo


Shows how these changes reflect the wider political, economic, and cultural developments within European history Demonstrates the diversity of traditions between European states and the possibilities

Roberts, Peder - The European Antarctic, ebook

The European Antarctic

Roberts, Peder


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peder Roberts
2. Science, Commerce, and the State
Peder Roberts
3. Imperial Science in the Antarctic
Peder Roberts
4. The Union of Hunting and Research
Peder Roberts
5. Ivory Towers…

Payaslian, Simon - The History of Armenia, ebook

The History of Armenia

Payaslian, Simon


Table of contents
Part I. Origins and Formation
1. Dynasties and the Geopolitics of Empire: The Ervanduni and the Artashesian Dynasties
Simon Payaslian
2. Culture, Language, and Wars of Religion: Kings, Marzpans, Ostikans
Simon Payaslian

Campion, Jonas - Policing New Risks in Modern European History, ebook

Policing New Risks in Modern European History

Campion, Jonas


Table of contents
1. New Threats or Phantom Menace? Police Institutions Facing Crises
Jonas Campion, Xavier Rousseaux
2. Crossing Frontiers to Chase Offenders: The Hardships of French and Belgian Police Collaboration at the Beginning of the…

Lang, Sean - European History For Dummies, ebook

European History For Dummies

Lang, Sean


The rich variety of Europe's history rolled into one thrilling account. This book takes you on a fascinating journey through the disasters, triumphs, people, power and politics that have shaped the Europe we know today - and you'll meet some incredible characters along the way! From Roman