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Petrescu, Alina I. - The Economics of Brexit, ebook

The Economics of Brexit

Petrescu, Alina I.


Table of contents
1. Was There Really an Economic Consensus on Brexit?
Philip B. Whyman, Alina I. Petrescu
2. The Fiscal Impact of Brexit
Philip B. Whyman, Alina I. Petrescu
3. Brexit and Trade
Philip B. Whyman, Alina I. Petrescu

Council, of Economic Experts German - Dual Income Tax, ebook

Dual Income Tax

Council, of Economic Experts German


Table of contents
1. Dual Income Tax: Supporting Arguments and Design – An Overview
2. Taxing Corporations and Their Shareholders
3. Taxing Transparent Entities
4. Individual Aspects of Dual Income Tax

Godley, Wynne - Monetary Economics, ebook

Monetary Economics

Godley, Wynne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
2. Balance Sheets, Transaction Matrices and the Monetary Circuit
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
3. The Simplest Model with Government Money
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie

Campos, Nauro F. - The Economics of UK-EU Relations, ebook

The Economics of UK-EU Relations

Campos, Nauro F.


UK Economic Growth Performance in a European Context: Has EU Membership Made Much Difference?
Nicholas Crafts
3. How Does European Integration Work? Lessons from Revisiting the British Relative Economic Decline

Bain, Keith - Monetary Economics, ebook

Monetary Economics

Bain, Keith


Monetary Economics Policy and its Theoretical Basis Monetary Economics is an ideal course text for 3rd year modules in Monetary Economics. The book successfully achieves a balance between theory and practice and

Arestis, Philip - New Economics as Mainstream Economics, ebook

New Economics as Mainstream Economics

Arestis, Philip


Towards a ‘New Economics’: Values, Resources, Money, Markets, Growth and Policy
Terry Barker
3. On the Possible Replacement of the Efficient-Market Hypothesis: Social Efficiency as a ‘Thick’ Approach to Financial Policy
Gary A. Dymski
4. From