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Bondebjerg, Ib  - European Culture and the Media, ebook

European Culture and the Media

Bondebjerg, Ib


The book European Culture and the Media reflects and analyses developments in European media currently undergoing fundamental changes, following not just decades of globalization, but also an ever deeper cultural

Glajar, Valentina - “Gypsies” in European Literature and Culture, ebook

“Gypsies” in European Literature and Culture

Glajar, Valentina


Table of contents
1. Roma in Europe
Ronald Lee
2. Introduction
Valentina Glajar
Part 1. Nationalism, Nature, Property, and “Gypsies” in Nineteenth-and Early Twentieth-Century European Literature
3. Bohemian Philosophers
Philip Landon
4. The Story of Love, Human Conditions, and the “Gypsy”

Meyer, Christoph O. - The Quest for a European Strategic Culture, ebook

The Quest for a European Strategic Culture

Meyer, Christoph O.


How do Strategic Cultures Change? Three Mechanisms of Normative Change
Christoph O. Meyer
3. The Impact of Changing Threat Perceptions on Strategic Thinking in Europe after 1989
Christoph O. Meyer
4. The Impact of Mediatised Crisis Learning on Collective

Gómez-Reino, Margarita - Nationalisms in the European Arena, ebook

Nationalisms in the European Arena

Gómez-Reino, Margarita


Table of contents
Part I. Nationalisms and European Integration
1. The Europeanization of Opposing Nationalist Party Families
Margarita Gómez-Reino
2. The Minority Nationalist Party Family and the European Cleavage
Margarita Gómez-Reino
3. The Populist Nationalist Party Family and the European Cleavage

Aydin-Düzgit, Senem - Constructions of European Identity, ebook

Constructions of European Identity

Aydin-Düzgit, Senem


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Senem Aydin-Düzgit
2. Europe as a Security Community
Senem Aydin-Düzgit
3. Europe as an Upholder of Democratic Values
Senem Aydin-Düzgit
4. Europe as a Political Project
Senem Aydin-Düzgit

Chen, Yanhui - Introduction to Western Culture, ebook

Introduction to Western Culture

Chen, Yanhui


Table of contents
1. A Concise History of Western Cultures
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
2. Music in Western Culture
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
3. Western Art
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
4. Tourism in Europe…

Simpson, Patricia Anne - Reimagining the European Family, ebook

Reimagining the European Family

Simpson, Patricia Anne


Introduction Reimagining the European Family: Cultures of Immigration
Patricia Anne Simpson
2. Defining the “German” Family in the European Context: Men at Work
Patricia Anne Simpson
3. Elective Affinities: