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Everett, Wendy  - European Identity in Cinema, ebook

European Identity in Cinema

Everett, Wendy


The identity of European cinema, like the identity of Europe itself, is multiple, complex, and fascinating. Providing both a general survey of contemporary European cinema production,

Bondebjerg, Ib - European Cinema and Television, ebook

European Cinema and Television

Bondebjerg, Ib


Film and European Identity: A German Case Study
Michael Meyen
4. Sensing National Spaces: Representing the Mundane in English Film and Television
Tim Edensor
Part II. Film and Media Policy: Between the National and the Transnational
5. The

Berghahn, Daniela - European Cinema in Motion, ebook

European Cinema in Motion

Berghahn, Daniela


Locating Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe
Daniela Berghahn, Claudia Sternberg
3. Migration and Cinematic Process in Post-Cold War Europe
Dina Iordanova
4. State and Other Funding for Migrant, Diasporic and World Cinemas in Europe

Mazierska, Ewa - European Cinema and Intertextuality, ebook

European Cinema and Intertextuality

Mazierska, Ewa


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Is the Past a Foreign Country?
Ewa Mazierska
2. The Burden of the Past and the Lightness of the Present: Dealing with Historic Trauma through Film
Ewa Mazierska
3. ‘Our Hitler’: New Representations of Hitler in European Films
Ewa Mazierska
4. A Clear Dividing

Vighi, Fabio - Sexual Difference in European Cinema, ebook

Sexual Difference in European Cinema

Vighi, Fabio


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fabio Vighi
Part I. The Comfort of Fantasies
2. Sublime Objects: the Antinomies of Masculine Sexuality from Fellini to Truffaut
Fabio Vighi
3. Ethics of Drive: Beauty and its Enjoyment from Rohmer…

Bacon, Henry - Finnish Cinema, ebook

Finnish Cinema

Bacon, Henry


The Emergence of Finnish Film Production and Its Linkages to Cinema Businesses During the Silent Era
Outi Hupaniittu
4. Finnish Film Style in the Silent Era
Jaakko Seppälä
Part II. The Studio Era: 1930–1960
5. War and Peace: Finland Among Contending

Bayman, Louis - Popular Italian Cinema, ebook

Popular Italian Cinema

Bayman, Louis


‘Il delirio del lungo metraggio’: Cinema as Mass Phenomenon in Early Twentieth-Century Italian Culture
Irene Lottini
10. Dressing the Part: ‘Made in Italy’ Goes to the Movies with Lucia Bosé in Chronicle of a Love Affair
Réka Buckley
11. Hercules

Powrie, Phil - Music in Contemporary French Cinema, ebook

Music in Contemporary French Cinema

Powrie, Phil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Phil Powrie
2. Space
Phil Powrie
3. Gender
Phil Powrie
4. Performance
Phil Powrie
5. Time
Phil Powrie
6. Hearing
Phil Powrie
7. Seeing
Phil Powrie
8. Conclusion

Celli, Carlo - A New Guide to Italian Cinema, ebook

A New Guide to Italian Cinema

Celli, Carlo


Table of contents
1. Italy from Unification to World War I
Carlo Celli, Marga Cottino-Jones
2. The Fascist Years (1922–43)
Carlo Celli, Marga Cottino-Jones
3. World War II
Carlo Celli, Marga Cottino-Jones
4. Reconstruction…