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Molnár, Emil - Non-Euclidean Geometries, ebook

Non-Euclidean Geometries

Molnár, Emil


Hyperbolic Geometry, Dimension-Free
Walter Benz
5. An Absolute Property of Four Mutually Tangent Circles
H.S.M. Coxeter
6. Remembering Donald Coxeter
Asia Ivic Weiss, William Weiss
7. Axiomatizations of Hyperbolic and Absolute Geometries

Bennett, M. K. - Affine and Projective Geometry, ebook

Affine and Projective Geometry

Bennett, M. K.


An important new perspective on AFFINE AND PROJECTIVE GEOMETRY
This innovative book treats math majors and math education students to a fresh look at affine and projective geometry from algebraic, synthetic, and lattice theoretic points of view.
Affine and Projective Geometry

Mucherino, Antonio - Distance Geometry, ebook

Distance Geometry

Mucherino, Antonio


Universal Rigidity of Bar Frameworks in General Position: A Euclidean Distance Matrix Approach
Abdo Y. Alfakih
2. Mixed Volume and Distance Geometry Techniques for Counting Euclidean

Bär, Christian - Global Differential Geometry, ebook

Global Differential Geometry

Bär, Christian


Table of contents
1. Holonomy Groups and Algebras
Lorenz J. Schwachhöfer
2. Entropies, Volumes, and Einstein Metrics
D. Kotschick
3. Kac-Moody Geometry
Walter Freyn
4. Collapsing and Almost Nonnegative Curvature
Wilderich Tuschmann
5. Algebraic Integral Geometry
Andreas Bernig
6. Metric

Borceux, Francis - An Axiomatic Approach to Geometry, ebook

An Axiomatic Approach to Geometry

Borceux, Francis


Table of contents
1. Pre-Hellenic Antiquity
Francis Borceux
2. Some Pioneers of Greek Geometry
Francis Borceux
3. Euclid’s Elements
Francis Borceux
4. Some Masters of Greek Geometry
Francis Borceux
5. Post-Hellenic Euclidean Geometry
Francis Borceux
6. Projective Geometry

Borceux, Francis - An Algebraic Approach to Geometry, ebook

An Algebraic Approach to Geometry

Borceux, Francis


Table of contents
1. The Birth of Analytic Geometry
Francis Borceux
2. Affine Geometry
Francis Borceux
3. More on Real Affine Spaces
Francis Borceux
4. Euclidean Geometry
Francis Borceux
5. Hermitian Spaces
Francis Borceux
6. Projective Geometry
Francis Borceux
7. Algebraic

Emiris, Ioannis Z. - Nonlinear Computational Geometry, ebook

Nonlinear Computational Geometry

Emiris, Ioannis Z.


Spectral Techniques to Explore Point Clouds in Euclidean Space, with Applications to Collective Coordinates in Structural Biology
Frédéric Cazals, Frédéric Chazal, Joachim Giesen
2. Rational Parametrizations, Intersection Theory, and Newton Polytopes