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Seeram, Euclid - Rad Tech's Guide to Radiation Protection, ebook

Rad Tech's Guide to Radiation Protection

Seeram, Euclid


To meet the demands of practicing radiologic technologists, and students in training, Blackwell introduces the first volume of the Rad Tech's Guide Series. Rad Tech's Guide to Radiation Protection gets to the heart of what the modern technologist does…

Seeram, Euclid - CT at a Glance, ebook

CT at a Glance

Seeram, Euclid


CT at a Glance gets readers quickly up to speed with the core knowledge and competencies required for computed tomography (CT) scanning, as established by the major radiography organizations around the world, including the ASRT and the CAMRT. This brand…

Jones, David Wyn - Practical SPECT/CT in Nuclear Medicine, ebook

Practical SPECT/CT in Nuclear Medicine

Jones, David Wyn


Table of contents
Part I. Scientific Principles
1. Introduction
Peter Hogg
2. Basic Discussion on Electromagnetic Radiation: Gamma Radiation in Relation to SPECT Imaging
Richard S. Lawson
3. Basic Discussion on Electromagnetic Radiation: X-Rays in Relation to SPECT/CT Systems
Peter Hiles
4. Gamma

Borceux, Francis - An Axiomatic Approach to Geometry, ebook

An Axiomatic Approach to Geometry

Borceux, Francis


Table of contents
1. Pre-Hellenic Antiquity
Francis Borceux
2. Some Pioneers of Greek Geometry
Francis Borceux
3. Euclid’s Elements
Francis Borceux
4. Some Masters of Greek Geometry
Francis Borceux
5. Post-Hellenic Euclidean Geometry
Francis Borceux
6. Projective Geometry

Damour, Thibault - Einstein, 1905–2005, ebook

Einstein, 1905–2005

Damour, Thibault


From Euclid’s Geometry to Minkowski’s Spacetime
Jacques Bros
4. The de Sitter and anti-de Sitter Sightseeing Tour
Ugo Moschella
5. Experiments with Single Photons
Philippe Grangier
6. Einstein 1905–1955: His Approach to Physics

Rodin, Andrei - Axiomatic Method and Category Theory, ebook

Axiomatic Method and Category Theory

Rodin, Andrei


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrei Rodin
Part I. A Brief History of the Axiomatic Method
2. Euclid: Doing and Showing
Andrei Rodin
3. Hilbert: Making It Formal
Andrei Rodin
4. Formal Axiomatic Method and the Twentieth Century Mathematics
Andrei Rodin
5. Lawvere: Pursuit of Objectivity

Emmer, Michele - Mathematics and Culture II, ebook

Mathematics and Culture II

Emmer, Michele


Table of contents
1. Mathematics, Art and Architecture
Michele Emmer
2. From Tiling the Plane to Paving Town Square
Judith Flagg Moran, Kim Williams
3. Mathematics in Contemporary Arts — Finite and Infinity
Dietmar Guderian
4. De Insana Geometria
Achille Perilli
5. Ovals in Borromini’s