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Hamilton, Lindsay - Ethnography after Humanism, ebook

Ethnography after Humanism

Hamilton, Lindsay


Table of contents
1. Introduction: An Ecology of Ethnographic Methods
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor
Part I. Foundations
2. Why Ethnography?
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor
3. Listening for the Voices of Animals
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor
4. What Can Ethnography Be?
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor

Cooper, Elizabeth - Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa, ebook

Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa

Cooper, Elizabeth


Table of contents
1. Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa: An Introduction
Elizabeth Cooper, David Pratten
Part One. Social Contingencies
2. Contingency: Interpersonal and Historical Dependencies in HIV Care
Susan Reynolds Whyte, Godfrey Etyang Siu
3. Charity and Chance: The Manufacture of Uncertainty

Burbank, Victoria Katherine - An Ethnography of Stress, ebook

An Ethnography of Stress

Burbank, Victoria Katherine


Life History and Real Life: Fetal Origins of Disease, Ethnography, and History
Victoria Katherine Burbank
4. Feeling Bad: Everyday Stress
Victoria Katherine Burbank
5. Identity
Victoria Katherine Burbank
6. Selves and Others
Victoria Katherine

Saville-Troike, Muriel - The Ethnography of Communication: An Introduction, ebook

The Ethnography of Communication: An Introduction

Saville-Troike, Muriel


The Ethnography of Communication presents the terms and concepts which are essential for discussing how and why language is used and how its use varies in different cultures.
Presents the essential terms and concepts introduced and developed by Dell Hymes and others and surveys the most

Dankworth, Linda E. - Dance Ethnography and Global Perspectives, ebook

Dance Ethnography and Global Perspectives

Dankworth, Linda E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Global Perspectives in Ethnographic Fieldwork, Theory, and the Representation of Traditional Dance
Linda E. Dankworth, Ann R. David
Part I. Issues of Tradition, Modernity and Authenticity
2. Embodied Traditions:…