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Lander, Vini - Advancing Race and Ethnicity in Education, ebook

Advancing Race and Ethnicity in Education

Lander, Vini


Race and Ethnicity in US Education
Geneva Gay
6. Journeys to Success: An Appreciative Inquiry into the Academic Attainment of Black and Minority Ethnic Students at a Post-1992 London University
Julie Hall, Jo Peat, Sandra Craig
7. Initial Teacher

Zajda, Joseph - Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Education, ebook

Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Education

Zajda, Joseph


Women and Higher Education in Postrevolutionary Iran: Unsettling Policies and Unanticipated Outcomes
Goli M. Rezai-Rashti, Susan James
5. When Indigenous and Modern Education Collide
Alberto Arenas, Iliana Reyes, Leisy Wyman
6. Power, Language, and

Friedman, Jonathan - Public Policy and Ethnicity, ebook

Public Policy and Ethnicity

Friedman, Jonathan


Putting Ethnicity into Policy: A New Zealand Case Study
Roger Openshaw
9. Race and Ethnicity in United Kingdom Public Policy: Education and Health
Lorraine Gulley, Jack Demaine
10. Ethnic Measurement as a Policy

Goyette, Kimberly - Education and Immigration, ebook

Education and Immigration

Goyette, Kimberly

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Education is a crucially important social institution, closely correlated with wealth, occupational prestige, psychological well-being, and health outcomes. Moreover, for children of immigrants – who account for almost one in four school-aged children in the U.S. – it is the primary

Erdreich, Lauren - Mothering, Education and Culture, ebook

Mothering, Education and Culture

Erdreich, Lauren


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Deborah Golden, Lauren Erdreich, Sveta Roberman
2. Setting the Scene—Theory, Context, Method
Deborah Golden, Lauren Erdreich, Sveta Roberman
3. En Route
Deborah Golden, Lauren…

Dervin, Fred - Interculturality in Chinese Language Education, ebook

Interculturality in Chinese Language Education

Dervin, Fred


Table of contents
1. Identifying and Contextualising the Key Issues
Tinghe Jin, Fred Dervin
2. Bringing Interculturality into the Chinese-as-a-Foreign-Language Classroom
Jiayi Wang
3. Developing Intercultural Competence Through Study…