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Olson, James S. - The Ethnic Dimension in American History, ebook

The Ethnic Dimension in American History

Olson, James S.


The Ethnic Dimension in American History is a thorough survey of the role that ethnicity has played in shaping the history of the United States.  Considering ethnicity in terms of race, language, religion and national origin, this important text examines its effects on social relations,

Gardetti, Miguel Angel - Ethnic Fashion, ebook

Ethnic Fashion

Gardetti, Miguel Angel


Badaga Ethnic (Aboriginal) Fashion as a Local Strength
H. Gurumallesh Prabu, G. Poorani
6. Ethnic Styles and Their Local Strengths
Nithyaprakash Venkatasamy, Thilak Vadicherla
7. Continued Change in Geringsing Weaving in Tenganan, Bali
L. Kaye

Alexis, Andrew F. - Ethnic Dermatology: Principles and Practice, ebook

Ethnic Dermatology: Principles and Practice

Alexis, Andrew F.

From 171,60€

Written from a global perspective to include Asian, African-Caribbean and North African skin types, it covers all the bases of dermatology including: Grading scales in dermatologic disease Pediatric dermatology Dermatology and systemic disease Drug eruptions Hair and scalp disorders Cosmetic dermatology

Saleh, Alam - Ethnic Identity and the State in Iran, ebook

Ethnic Identity and the State in Iran

Saleh, Alam


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alam Saleh
2. Ethnic Conflict
Alam Saleh
3. Continuity and Change
Alam Saleh
4. Iran’s National Identity Problem
Alam Saleh
5. Ethnic Conflict in Iran
Alam Saleh
6. Relative Deprivation Theory and Political Violence in Iran
Alam Saleh
7. Ethnic

Gagnon, Amélie A. - Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity, ebook

Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity

Gagnon, Amélie A.


The Making of Racial and Ethnic Categories: Official Statistics Reconsidered
Patrick Simon, Victor Piché, Amélie A. Gagnon
Part I. Comparative Accounts of Ethnic Statistics
2. Ethnic Classification in Global Perspective: A Cross-National Survey of the

Aguh, Crystal - Fundamentals of Ethnic Hair, ebook

Fundamentals of Ethnic Hair

Aguh, Crystal


Ethnic Hair Care: Approach to Developing a Healthy Hair Care Regimen
7. Developing a Healthy Hair Regimen I: Formulating an Optimal Cleansing and Conditioning Regimen
Crystal Aguh
8. Developing a Healthy Hair Regimen II: Transitioning to Chemical-Free Styling

Tannam, Etain - International Intervention in Ethnic Conflict, ebook

International Intervention in Ethnic Conflict

Tannam, Etain


International Intervention, Ethnic Conflict and Theory
Etain Tannam
2. The EU and UN: Institutional Frameworks and Conflict Resolution
Etain Tannam
3. The EU, UN and Conflict Resolution: Overview
Etain Tannam
4. Northern Ireland
Etain Tannam

Beckerleg, Susan - Ethnic Identity and Development, ebook

Ethnic Identity and Development

Beckerleg, Susan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Susan Beckerleg
2. Somali Identity and Khat
Susan Beckerleg
3. Yemeni Migrants
Susan Beckerleg
4. Ugandan Khat Production Spreads
Susan Beckerleg
5. Altitude and Attitude
Susan Beckerleg
6. Wholesale Risks
Susan Beckerleg
7. Style and Substance