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Speight, James G. - Ethics in the University, ebook

Ethics in the University

Speight, James G.


This ground-breaking and honest examination of ethics in the university setting is unabashed in its descriptions of misconduct in the academic world.  The text is well furbished with numerous citations that point to academic misconduct and the final chapter

Mizzoni, John - Ethics: The Basics, ebook

Ethics: The Basics

Mizzoni, John


Ethics: The Basics provides beginning students with a solid grounding in basic ethical principles, theories and traditions, as well as a set of conceptual tools necessary to think about ethics and make ethical decisions. Introduces ethical concepts,

Seedhouse, David - Ethics: The Heart of Health Care, ebook

Ethics: The Heart of Health Care

Seedhouse, David


Ethics: The Heart of Health Care — a classic ethics text in medical, health and nursing studies — is recommended around the globe for its straightforward introduction to ethical analysis. In this Third Edition David Seedhouse again demonstrates tangibly

Suikkanen, Jussi - This Is Ethics: An Introduction, ebook

This Is Ethics: An Introduction

Suikkanen, Jussi


This is Ethics presents an accessible and engaging introduction to a variety of issues relating to contemporary moral philosophy.Covers a wide range of topics which are actively debated in contemporary moral philosophyAddresses the nature of happiness, well-being, and the meaning of life,

Driver, Julia - Ethics: The Fundamentals, ebook

Ethics: The Fundamentals

Driver, Julia


Ethics: The Fundamentals explores core ideas and arguments in moral theory by introducing students to different philosophical approaches to ethics, including virtue ethics, Kantian ethics,

Lucas, Peter - Ethics and Self-Knowledge, ebook

Ethics and Self-Knowledge

Lucas, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter Lucas
2. Fragmentation
Peter Lucas
3. Discrimination
Peter Lucas
4. Stereotyping
Peter Lucas
5. Objectification
Peter Lucas
6. Interpretive Moral Wrongs and Radical Theorising

Mathewes, Charles - Understanding Religious Ethics, ebook

Understanding Religious Ethics

Mathewes, Charles


This accessible introduction to religious ethics focuses on the major forms of moral reasoning encompassing the three ‘Abrahamic’ religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Draws on a range of moral issues, such as examples arising from friendship,

Waldman, Ellen - Mediation Ethics: Cases and Commentaries, ebook

Mediation Ethics: Cases and Commentaries

Waldman, Ellen


Mediation Ethics is a groundbreaking text that offers conflict resolution professionals a much-needed resource for traversing the often disorienting landscape of ethical decision making. Edited by mediation expert Ellen Waldman, the book is filled with illustrative case studies and authoritative