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Weir, Thomas - Mastering Revit<sup>&#174;</sup> Structure 2009, ebook

Mastering Revit® Structure 2009

Weir, Thomas


If you already understand the basics of Revit Structure and want to develop a mastery of building information modeling (BIM), Mastering Revit Structure 2009 contains the information you need. The expert authors drew on years of experience to compile a…

Bakhirev, Peter - Beginning iPhone Games Development, ebook

Beginning iPhone Games Development

Bakhirev, Peter


Table of contents
1. A Revolutionary Gaming Platform: Games for Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere
2. Developing iPhone Games: Peeking Inside the iPhone Toolbox
3. Moving Images on a Small Screen—UIKit Controls
4. She Shoots, She Hits, She Scores!

Scott, Eric - Beauties and the Beast, ebook

Beauties and the Beast

Scott, Eric


In the wings in a dark room Mr. Lucy, the show’s producer sits and watches while the women put the men through an interrogation that dredges up the worst nightmare moments of their lives. Why and what is the purpose of auditioning for Mr. Lucy and his mysterious

Kim, Jong-Hwan - Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications 2012, ebook

Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications 2012

Kim, Jong-Hwan


Table of contents
1. Slip Compensation of Mobile Robots Using SVM and IMM
Jongdae Jung, Hyoung-Ki Lee, Hyun Myung
2. Emergence of Discrete and Abstract State Representation through Reinforcement Learning in a Continuous Input Task
Yoshito Sawatsubashi, Mohamad Faizal bin Samusudin, Katsunari Shibata
3. Obstacle