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Konstan, David - Epic and History, ebook

Epic and History

Konstan, David


With contributions from leading scholars, this is a unique cross-cultural comparison of historical epics across a wide range of cultures and time periods, which presents crucial insights into how history is treated in narrative poetry. The first book

Saunders, Corinne - A Companion to Medieval Poetry, ebook

A Companion to Medieval Poetry

Saunders, Corinne


A Companion to Medieval Poetry presents a series of original essays from leading literary scholars that explore English poetry from the Anglo-Saxon period up to the 15th century. Organised into three parts to echo the chronological and stylistic

Bryant, Marsha - Women’s Poetry and Popular Culture, ebook

Women’s Poetry and Popular Culture

Bryant, Marsha


The Poetry Picture Book: Stevie Smith and Children’s Culture
Marsha Bryant
4. Uneasy Alliances: Gwendolyn Brooks, Ebony, and Whiteness
Marsha Bryant
5. Everyday Ariel: Sylvia Plath and the Dream Kitchen
Marsha Bryant
6. Killer Lyrics: Ai,

Hopkins, David - Reading Paradise Lost, ebook

Reading Paradise Lost

Hopkins, David


Casting a fresh perspective on the greatest long poem in English, David Hopkins guides the reader through the inspiring poetic landscape of Milton’s great epic Paradise Lost, a work of literature which has compelled and fascinated readers down the ages and which offers enduring insight