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Knoepfel, Peter - Environmental Policy Analyses, ebook

Environmental Policy Analyses

Knoepfel, Peter


Approaches to an Effective Framework for Environmental Management (1993)
Peter Knoepfel
3. Formulation and Implementation of Air Quality Control Programmes: Patterns of Interest Consideration (1982)
Peter Knoepfel, Helmut Weidner
4. Explaining Differences

Foreman, Jon - Developments in Environmental Regulation, ebook

Developments in Environmental Regulation

Foreman, Jon


Introduction to Environmental Regulation and Practice in the UK and Europe
Martin Bigg
2. Environmental Regulation and Growth: Impact on Sustainable Economic Growth
Jonathan Fisher
3. Better Regulation Initiatives
Chris Booth
4. Steps Towards

Ortmann, Stephan - Environmental Governance in Vietnam, ebook

Environmental Governance in Vietnam

Ortmann, Stephan


Introduction: The Environmental Challenges in Vietnam
Stephan Ortmann
2. Evolving Environmental Governance
Stephan Ortmann
3. The Vietnamese Government and Institutional Reforms
Stephan Ortmann
4. The Failure