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Faraoni, Valerio - Exercises in Environmental Physics, ebook

Exercises in Environmental Physics

Faraoni, Valerio


Table of contents
1. Mathematical Methods
2. Planet Earth in Space
3. Ocean and Atmospheric Physics
4. Electromagnetic Radiation and Radioactivity
5. Energy and the Environment
6. Fluid Mechanics
7. Evapotranspiration, Soils, and…

Bevelacqua, Joseph John - Contemporary Health Physics, ebook

Contemporary Health Physics

Bevelacqua, Joseph John


Written by a former chairman of the American Board of Health Physics Comprehensive Panel of Examiners with more than 20 years of professional and academic experience in the field, it offers a balanced presentation of all the theoretical and practical issues essential

Martin, James E. - Physics for Radiation Protection: A Handbook, ebook

Physics for Radiation Protection: A Handbook

Martin, James E.


A highly practical reference for health physicists and other professionals, addressing practical problems in radiation protection, this new edition has been completely revised, updated and supplemented by such new sections as log-normal distribution and digital radiography, as well as new chapters on internal radiation dose

Brekke, Asgeir - Physics of the Upper Polar Atmosphere, ebook

Physics of the Upper Polar Atmosphere

Brekke, Asgeir


Table of contents
1. The Sun and the solar wind
Asgeir Brekke
2. The atmosphere of the Earth
Asgeir Brekke
3. The Earth’s magnetic field and magnetosphere
Asgeir Brekke
4. The ionosphere
Asgeir Brekke
5. Currents in…