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Kim, Young J. - Atmospheric and Biological Environmental Monitoring, ebook

Atmospheric and Biological Environmental Monitoring

Kim, Young J.


Atmospheric Aerosol Monitoring from Satellite Observations: A History of Three Decades
Kwon H. Lee, Zhanqing Li, Young J. Kim, Alexander Kokhanovsky
3. Digital Photographic Technique to Quantify Plume Opacity During Daytime and Nighttime
Ke Du, Mark J.

 - Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering, ebook

Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering


Semantically driven meta-modelling: automating model construction in an environmental decision support system for the assessment of ecosystem services flows
Ferdinando Villa
4. Governance of a Service-Oriented Architecture for Environmental

Awange, Joseph L. - Environmental Geoinformatics, ebook

Environmental Geoinformatics

Awange, Joseph L.


Applications to Environmental Monitoring and Management
19. Maps in Environmental Monitoring
Joseph L. Awange, John B. Kyalo Kiema
20. Satellite Environmental Sensing

Orcutt, John - Earth System Monitoring, ebook

Earth System Monitoring

Orcutt, John


Earth System Monitoring, Introduction
John Orcutt
2. Airborne and Space-borne Remote Sensing of Cryosphere
Kenneth C. Jezek
3. Aircraft and Space Atmospheric Measurements Using Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL)
Russell Young
4. Contemporary

Kim, Young J. - Advanced Environmental Monitoring, ebook

Advanced Environmental Monitoring

Kim, Young J.


Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring
1. Air Pollution Monitoring Systems—Past–Present–Future
Ulrich Platt
2. Radial Plume Mapping: A US EPA Test Method for Area and Fugitive Source Emission Monitoring

Imura, Hidefumi - Environmental Issues in China Today, ebook

Environmental Issues in China Today

Imura, Hidefumi


Table of contents
1. Environmental Problems: Borderless
Hidefumi Imura
2. Environmental Issues in China: An Overview from Japan
Hidefumi Imura
3. Resource Consumption: Economy with Sound Material Cycles Needed
Hidefumi Imura
4. Water: The Key to China’s Destiny
Hidefumi Imura
5. Air Pollution:

Funk, Burkhardt - Information Technology in Environmental Engineering, ebook

Information Technology in Environmental Engineering

Funk, Burkhardt


Influence of Environmental Protection Requirements on Object-Oriented Software Design
Marat Abilov, Jorge Marx Gómez
2. Impact of Design on the Sustainability of Mobile Applications
Hans-Knud Arndt, Bartosz Dziubaczyk, Matthias Mokosch
3. Investigating