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Mitchell, Ralph - Environmental Microbiology, ebook

Environmental Microbiology

Mitchell, Ralph


This is a long-overdue revision of the bestselling book on environmental microbiology, offering an in-depth examination of the role of microbiological processes related to environmental deterioration. Based on the latest information and investigative

Barton, Larry L. - Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology, ebook

Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology

Barton, Larry L.


Adopting an integrative approach, this text covers both conventional ecological issues as well as cross-disciplinary investigations that combine facets of microbiology, ecology, environmental science and engineering, molecular biology, and biochemistry. Focusing primarily

Bitton, Gabriel - Microbiology of Drinking Water Production and Distribution, ebook

Microbiology of Drinking Water Production and Distribution

Bitton, Gabriel


Microbiology of Drinking Water Production and Distribution addresses the public health aspects of drinking water treatment and distribution. It explains the different water treatment processes, such as pretreatment, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, and

Bitton, Gabriel - Wastewater Microbiology, ebook

Wastewater Microbiology

Bitton, Gabriel


By providing a solid foundation in microbiology, microbial growth, metabolism, and nutrient cycling, the text gives readers the tools they need to make critical decisions that affect public health, as well as the practical aspects of treatment, disinfection, water

Bitton, Gabriel - Wastewater Microbiology, ebook

Wastewater Microbiology

Bitton, Gabriel


Wastewater Microbiology focuses on microbial contaminants found in wastewater, methods of detection for these contaminants, and methods of cleansing water of microbial contamination. This classic reference has now been updated to focus more exclusively on issues particular to wastewater,

Higton, Gary - Industrial Microbiology: An Introduction, ebook

Industrial Microbiology: An Introduction

Higton, Gary


Of major economic, environmental and social importance, industrial microbiology involves the utilization of microorganisms in the production of a wide range of products, including enzymes, foods, beverages, chemical feedstocks, fuels and pharmaceuticals,

Forsythe, Stephen J. - The Microbiology of Safe Food, ebook

The Microbiology of Safe Food

Forsythe, Stephen J.

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The comprehensive contents include: the dominant foodborne microorganisms; the means of their detection; microbiological criteria and sampling plans; the setting of microbial limits for end-product testing; predictive microbiology; the role of HACCP; the setting of