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Allan, Catherine - Adaptive Environmental Management, ebook

Adaptive Environmental Management

Allan, Catherine


Lessons Learned from Adaptive Management Practitioners in British Columbia, Canada
Alanya C. Smith
4. Using Adaptive Management to Meet Multiple Goals for Flows Along the Mitta Mitta River in South-Eastern Australia

Jurin, Richard R. - Environmental Communication. Second Edition, ebook

Environmental Communication. Second Edition

Jurin, Richard R.


Planning Environmental Communications
Richard R. Jurin, Donny Roush, Jeff Danter
6. Analyzing Your Audience
Richard R. Jurin, Donny Roush, Jeff Danter
7. Evaluating Your Messages’ Effects
Richard R. Jurin, Donny Roush, Jeff Danter
8. Characterizing

Hemmelskamp, Jens - Towards Environmental Innovation Systems, ebook

Towards Environmental Innovation Systems

Hemmelskamp, Jens


Merging Research Perspectives on Innovation Systems and Environmental Innovation: An Introduction
Matthias Weber, Jens Hemmelskamp
Part One.Co-Evolution of Technical, Environmental and Social Systems
2. On the Co-Evolution