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Gill, Robin - Chemical Fundamentals of Geology and Environmental Geoscience, ebook

Chemical Fundamentals of Geology and Environmental Geoscience

Gill, Robin


Chemical principles are fundamental to the Earth sciences, and geoscience students increasingly require a firm grasp of basic chemistry to succeed in their studies. The enlarged third edition of this highly regarded textbook introduces the student to such ‘geo-relevant’ chemistry, presented

Vasconcelos, Clara - Geoscience Education, ebook

Geoscience Education

Vasconcelos, Clara


Fostering Deep Understanding Through the Use of Geoscience Investigations, Models and Thought Experiments: The Earth Science Education Unit and Earthlearningidea Experiences
Chris King
2. Models in Geoscience Classes: How

Aber, James S. - Wetland Environments: A Global Perspective, ebook

Wetland Environments: A Global Perspective

Aber, James S.


Wetlands - swamp, marsh, bayou, tundra and bog - are places that are rarely visited and often misunderstood but they have, in fact, conspicuous roles in the physical, biological and cultural geography of the world.? They are intrinsically beautiful environments…

Tong, Vincent C. H. - Geoscience Research and Education, ebook

Geoscience Research and Education

Tong, Vincent C. H.


Research-Teaching Nexus in Geoscience: Perspectives
3. The Challenge of Combining Research and Teaching: A Young Geoscientist’s Perspective
Laura J. Cobden
4. Incorporating Research into Teaching Geosciences: The Masters Student Perspective

Evans, Gareth G. - Environmental Biotechnology: Theory and Application, ebook

Environmental Biotechnology: Theory and Application

Evans, Gareth G.


Environmental Biotechnology: Theory and Applications, 2nd Edition is designed to draw together the microscopic, functional level and the macroscopic, practical applications of biotechnology and to explain how the two relate within an environmental context.