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Dean, John R. - Environmental Trace Analysis: Techniques and Applications, ebook

Environmental Trace Analysis: Techniques and Applications

Dean, John R.


This book covers all aspects of environmental trace analysis from sampling through to preparation of the sample to the analytical techniques used to quantify the level of trace metals or organic compounds. The book is divided into two areas: sample preparation for inorganic analysis

Knoepfel, Peter - Environmental Policy Analyses, ebook

Environmental Policy Analyses

Knoepfel, Peter


Approaches to an Effective Framework for Environmental Management (1993)
Peter Knoepfel
3. Formulation and Implementation of Air Quality Control Programmes: Patterns of Interest Consideration (1982)
Peter Knoepfel, Helmut Weidner
4. Explaining Differences

Awange, Joseph L. - Environmental Geoinformatics, ebook

Environmental Geoinformatics

Awange, Joseph L.


Applications to Environmental Monitoring and Management
19. Maps in Environmental Monitoring
Joseph L. Awange, John B. Kyalo Kiema
20. Satellite Environmental Sensing
Joseph L. Awange, John B. Kyalo Kiema

 - Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering, ebook

Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering


Semantically driven meta-modelling: automating model construction in an environmental decision support system for the assessment of ecosystem services flows
Ferdinando Villa
4. Governance of a Service-Oriented Architecture for Environmental

Le, Nhu D. - Statistical Analysis of Environmental Space-Time Processes, ebook

Statistical Analysis of Environmental Space-Time Processes

Le, Nhu D.


Table of contents
Part I:. Environmental Processes
1. First Encounters
2. Case Study
3. Uncertainty
4. Measurement
5. Modeling
Part II:. Space-Time Modeling
6. Covariances
7. Spatial Prediction: Classical Approaches
8. Bayesian Kriging
9. Hierarchical Bayesian Kriging
Part III:. Design and