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English, James F. - The Global Future of English Studies, ebook

The Global Future of English Studies

English, James F.


The Global Future of English Studiespresents a succinct, carefully documented assessment of the current state and future trajectory of English studies around the world.Compiles data on student enrollments, faculty hiring, and financing in English

Woods, Geraldine - Wiley AP English Literature and Composition, ebook

Wiley AP English Literature and Composition

Woods, Geraldine


The fact that you're even considering taking the AP English Literature & Composition exam means you're smart, hard-working, and ambitious. All you need is to get up to speed on the exam's topics and themes and take a couple of

Sussman, Charlotte - Eighteenth Century English Literature, ebook

Eighteenth Century English Literature

Sussman, Charlotte


Eighteenth-Century English Literature: 1660-1789 explores these issues in relation to well-known works by such authors as Defoe, Swift, Pope, Richardson, Gray, and Sterne, while also bringing attention to less familiar figures,

Bonfiglio, Thomas Paul - Why is English Literature?, ebook

Why is English Literature?

Bonfiglio, Thomas Paul


English and the Languages
1. Can Spanish Count As an English Course?
Thomas Paul Bonfiglio
2. A Tropology of Letters
Thomas Paul Bonfiglio
Part II. From ars liber to Modern Literatures
3. The Lost Continent: Grammar and Philology
Thomas Paul

Eaglestone, Robert - Literature: Why It Matters, ebook

Literature: Why It Matters

Eaglestone, Robert


Literature is not about facts alone, and – despite two and a half thousand years of arguments – no one can agree on what it is, or how to study it. But, argues Robert Eaglestone, it is precisely the open-ended nature of literature

Cain, Christopher M. - A History of Old English Literature, ebook

A History of Old English Literature

Cain, Christopher M.


This revised edition of A History of Old English Literature draws extensively on the latest scholarship to have evolved over the last decade. The text incorporates additional material throughout, including two new chapters on Anglo-Saxon manuscripts

Corrie, Marilyn - A Concise Companion to Middle English Literature, ebook

A Concise Companion to Middle English Literature

Corrie, Marilyn


This concise companion examines contexts that are essential to understanding and interpreting writing in English produced in the period between approximately 1100 and 1500. The essays in the book explore ways in which Middle English literature